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Purpose of Organization: ____________________________________________________________________
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Best time to call: _____________________________
Meeting Information
Room Requested:
Burnham Rm (max 25)
Multipurpose Rm (max 20)
Meeting House up (max 94)
Meeting House down (max 75)
Date(s) Requested: _________________________________________________________________________
Time: from __________________________________
to _________________________________________
Please be aware of the $25 key deposit for meetings scheduled after regular hours.
Purpose of Meeting: ________________________________________________________________________
Expected Attendance: _______________________________________________________________________
Does your organization require any special accommodations? If so, please list below.
I have read and understand theLibrary Community Meeting Rooms Rules for Use and agree to abide by them.
I assume full responsibility for any damages to the property and/or equipment that occur as a result of the
requested use. Furthermore, I understand that they Town of Colchester, its staff, and members will not be held
liable for any injury or damage which may occur to me, my guests, and/or members of the named organization
and or property during our requested use of the property.
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Use of meeting rooms in community libraries is primarily for programs conducted or sponsored by the
Library, and secondarily, for programs of established and recognized institutions, groups, and
associations with educational, cultural, or civic purposes, subject to the policies established by the
Burnham Library Board of Trustees. The fact that a group is permitted to use a room does not in any
way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the Library. All meetings must be
open to the public.
The Library Board of Trustees subscribes to the tenets of the American Library Association’s Library
Bill of Rights, which states in part, "Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to
the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs
or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use."
Programs that are planned by the Library take precedence over meetings of outside groups. The Library
reserves the right to preempt the use of meeting space for library purposes upon two (2) weeks’ notice to
the organization which had requested that space. The Library reserves the right to deny a request or
revoke a reservation if the program or gathering is disruptive to the Library’s normal course of business,
is in violation of the adopted Library Code of Conduct, or in violation of the guidelines set forth in this
Meeting Room policy.
As long as meetings do not conflict with one another, there is no objection to regular meetings of the
same group; however, in fairness to the numerous groups of the community, reservations of this nature
are not taken more than three (3) months in advance. Single use reservations may be taken up to six (6)
months in advance.
APPLICATION: Formal application for the use of any meeting room is made with the Library Director
or designated staff member. An individual responsible for the meeting must complete and sign an
application form. Reservations will not be considered firm until the application is signed by a
representative from the group making the reservation, and notice of acceptance is given by the Library
Director. Reconfirmation of the meeting must be made with the Library Director at least one week prior
to the meeting. Cancellations or change of meeting dates also must be cleared with the Library Director.
Minors under the age of 16 may not reserve the room, nor can they serve as sponsors.
The Multi-Purpose Room is located in the Youth Services Department. Use of the Multi-Purpose Room
shall not interfere with the Librarys ability to serve the needs of the community, particularly those of
children and families.
The Meeting House is located next door to the Library and offers two floors, of which the lower floor
includes a kitchen.
General Rules of Use
1. Meeting rooms may not be used for religious services, sales promotion, or for the financial
benefit of private individuals or commercial concerns or entities engaged in marketing or
distribution of goods or services.
2. No admission charge may be made for any function held in the Community Meeting Rooms,
unless it is a fund-raising activity on behalf of the Burnham Library, Friends of the Burnham
Library, or another local charity approved by the Library Director. Tickets may not be sold nor
donations or free will offerings taken. However, the collection of membership dues and/or
registration fees covering the cost of materials or speakers may be acceptable, with advance
approval of the Library Director.
3. Political meetings are acceptable for the discussion of issues to include candidate forums and party
caucuses, as long as the meetings are open to the public.
4. Except as a designation of location, the name of the Library may not be used in any publicity
relating to use of meeting rooms. Any advertisement for a meeting or program held at the
Burnham Library by an outside group or organization must include the following disclaimer:
“The Burnham Memorial Library is not sponsoring or endorsing this program or any goods or
services offered.”
5. Individuals or groups using the meeting room shall secure any necessary performance licenses
and indemnify the Library for any failure on their part to do so.
6. Attendance at authorized meetings may not exceed the maximum room capacity of 20 people in
the Multipurpose Room, 25 in the Burnham Room, 94 people in the upstairs level of the Meeting
House, and 75 people in the lower level of the Meeting House. Special parking accommodations
may be required for larger groups.
7. Groups of children or teenagers must be supervised by one adult for every ten children/teens.
The Library staff is not responsible for the supervision of children while adults are attending
meetings. A copy of the Library’s Policy on Unattended Children may be obtained from library
8. No cooking may be done or food served without approval. No alcohol may be served at any
time. No smoking is permitted. Burning of any materials, including incense and candles, is
9. There is no charge for meeting room use during the library’s regular hours of operation.
Programs should be planned so that meeting space will be vacated 15 minutes before closing
time. If scheduling a meeting after regular library hours a $25 key deposit is required. These
funds will be refunded once all keys are returned. Groups needing to use the elevator/lift will be
required to pay a $350 service charge deposit which will be returned once the elevator/lift is
found in good working order.
10. Meeting rooms must be left in acceptable, un-littered condition. Tables and chairs should be
returned to the positions in which they were found. No tacks or nails are to be used on walls,
doors, or furniture. Use of adhesive tape must not damage walls, doors, or furniture. In the
event that the Library has to clean up the area following use, the applicant may be charged for
that expense.
11. No gambling or games of chance may be played.
12. Meetings must be conducted in such a way as not to disturb library operations.
13. Use of audio-visual equipment must be arranged at time of reservation.
14. Library personnel will not move or rearrange heavy equipment.
15. The Library will not provide storage space and assumes no responsibility for equipment or
personal articles belonging to applicants or their guests.
16. The applicant accepts liability for either damage to library facilities or loss of library property.
17. The Library reserves the right to close due to adverse weather conditions and will attempt to
contact the applicant.
18. The applicant assumes responsibility for participant accommodations (e.g. assistive listening
devices, etc.) and specific articles of compliance as required by the Americans with Disabilities
19. Library personnel must have free access to meeting rooms at all times. The Library retains the
right to monitor all meetings conducted on the premises to ensure compliance with the above
regulations. Infringement of any of the regulations here stated shall be grounds for denial of
future use of meeting space.
20. The Library Director shall have final authority regarding use of Library meeting rooms and/or
cancellation or discontinuance of meeting room reservations.
The Town of Colchester, Burnham Memorial Library, and the Burnham Library Board of Trustees are
not responsible for any accident, injury or loss of individual property while the Room is in use.
Approved by the Selectboard on May 9, 2017
Approved by the Burnham Memorial Library Board of Trustees on February 15, 2007 Revised on
February 20, 2014; May 18, 2017
Reviewed by the Board of Trustees: January 18, 2017; May 17, 2018