In this acvity I would like you to share with me what /where is your happy place. This happy
place could have been in the past or is it something you are creang for the rst me?
Take a moment and think back to a me & place where you felt happy.
Describe what does it look like and how you felt at this me?
Be specic with this as the more specic you are the beer the outcome for you.
1. Remembering a memory of your happy place.
Thinking now to your future… what is movang you to make changes to becoming the healthier
2. Your WHYwhy do you want to become the healthier you?
Please email your completed Daily Acvity Sheet to me at jo@backtobasicshealthsolu to receive my personal
feedback and answer any private quesons you may have. Then pop over to our Facebook Group to share your thoughts,
experiences and any other quesons you may have with the Back to Basics Community!
happy place?
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