Updated 08/12/2020
Kennel License Application Fee: $10.50
Kennel shall mean any commercial business engaged in breeding, buying, selling or boarding of at
least three (3) dogs
Will proposed kennel location be in a residence within the city limits of Warrensburg? Yes: No:
If yes see bottom of page for prohibited home occupations in residential districts
Applicant Information
Date of Application:
Name of Kennel:
Number of Dogs:
Address ─ Location of Kennel:
City ─ State ─ Zip Code:
Mailing Address (if different from above):
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Owner/Manager Information
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E-mail Address:
Home Address:
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The undersigned certifies the above information to be true and correct according to the undersigned’s
best knowledge and belief. I further certify that I am not in arrears in the payment of any tax, fee or
other charge due to the city.
Applicant’s Signature & Date
Amount Paid:
Date Paid:
Sec. 5-1. Definitions.
Kennel shall mean any commercial business engaged in breeding, buying, selling or boarding of at least three (3) dogs.
Sec. 5-44. Licenses for kennels.
(a) Requirements for issuance of kennel license. A kennel license shall be issued when the following requirements have been met:
(1) The presence of three (3) or more dogs owned by the operator and kept on the premises;
(2) The presentation of proof satisfactory to the city collector that vaccination against rabies has been performed on the dogs in the kennel within
prescribed preceding six (6) months of application therefor;
(3) The payment of a fee of ten dollars and fifty cents ($10.50).
(b) Annual license required; due date; delinquent date. Kennel licenses shall be required to be purchased annually. Such licenses shall be due and
payable on the first day of June, and will be delinquent on the first day of July. (Ord. No. 3689, § 1, 12-18-01)
Sec. 27-203. Home occupations in residential districts.
(d) Prohibited home occupation. The following shall not be permitted as home occupations:
(4) Kennel or stable.
For additional Home Occupation information please contact: Community Development 660-747-9135
Carl Larkerbrink, City Collector
102-A South Holden St. ─ Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-747-9131 Fax: 660-747-8927