Updated 02/20/18
Dog License Application
City Ordinance requires that all persons within the City Limits who own a dog must obtain a
dog license.
Dog Licenses are needed to assure all dogs residing in the city limits have current rabies
Owner Information
Date of Application:
Name of Dog Owner:
E-mail Address:
Street Address of Dog Owner:
City ─ State ─ Zip Code:
Mailing Address (if different from above):
City ─ State ─ Zip Code:
Phone# of Dog Owner:
Dog/Vet Information
Dog’s Name & Breed:
Veterinarians Business Name:
Rabies Expiration Date & Tag#: (Please Provide a Copy of Rabies Information)
License Fees (check applicable line)
Spayed Female/Neutered Male
$ 5.00
Unspayed Female/Unneutered Male
The undersigned certifies the above information to be true and correct according to the undersigned’s
best knowledge and belief.
Applicant’s Signature & Date
Amount Paid:
City Tag#:
Date Paid:
Carl Larkerbrink, City Collector
102-A South Holden St. ─ Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-747-9131 Fax: 660-747-8927