If you’re new to the area, have been out of athlecs for a while or just want to play adult sports with diculty nding teammates,
Bloomington Parks & Recreaon oers the opportunity to register as an individual. The Free Agent Lisng (Dra List) will be used by
team looking to pick up players to supplement their roster, or to aempt to form a new team o of the individual registraon Dra
List. Names will be on the list for one season. If you are not picked up by a team, another Free Agent Form needs to be submied.
1800 W. Old Shakopee Rd,
Bloomington, MN 55431
Phone: (952) 563-8877Fax: (952) 563-8715
Individual Registration
Free Agent Listing
To register as a free agent, ll out the informaon below and mail or drop o the form to the address above, fax to (952) 563-8715,
or scan and email the form to either mramirez@BloomingtonMN.gov or ehubbard@BloomingtonMN.gov
Registration Information: Please mark your sport(s) of choice.
My primary athlec League interest is: Recreaonal Play Compeve Play
My sport(s) of interest are: Soball Volleyball Basketball Kickball Touch Football
Spikeball Tennis Dodgeball Baggo
Desired division of play: Co Rec Men’s Women’s
Season: Winter Summer Fall
I would be interested in forming a team o of the individual registraon list.
Experience level/addional Informaon:
Email Address:
Adult Sport Free Agent Registraon – Please Print Clearly
Phone: (mobile) (home)
According to the Minnesota Data Privacy Act, some of the informaon you provide on this form may be classied as private data.
Private data is available to you but not the public. If you do not provide this data, you are not eligible to play in the City of
Bloomington Adult Athlec Leagues. By signing below, you are consenng to allow registraon informaon to be shared with the
Amateur Soball Associaon, Minnesota Recreaon and Parks Associaon Sta, Minnesota Sports Federaon Sta, City of
Bloomington Supervisors, ocials, and other registered program parcipants for the purpose of administering the above listed
recreaonal program. This consent will expire automacally one (1) year aer the date of signing.
Parcipant’s Signature Date
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