The 2020 Bloomington Womens Fall Tennis Season offers advanced, intermediate, and recreational level doubles
leagues, as well as a singles ladder encompassing still levels from beginners to advanced.
Play begins Monday, July 27 (singles), and Wednesday, July 29 (doubles). Doubles start time is 6:30 p.m.
Singles Ladder: Matches will be played at an agreed upon day, time
and location. When initially entering the ladder, you place yourself where you
believe is most appropriate. Use the guides below and the USTA ratings to
judge your ability level. You will either move up or down depending on your
ability and will be accurately placed throughout the singles season through
match play and challenges. Singles players are expected to play 2 matches per
month to maintain ladder status.
Doubles: Ratings can overlap and can be dependent on your partners score.
Both of your scores add up to the TOTAL score. Please refer to the USTA
Rating chart below to determine your rating if you are unaware of it.
Fees include supply of game
balls and court scheduling for
the tennis season.
Doubles League
$90* per team
Singles League
$23* per person
Court reservation may be available
upon request for practice. The fee is
$7.25 per hour plus tax.
Online:; Email:;
Mail/Drop Off Registration Form: 1800 W Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington, MN 55431
How to Register:
2020 Fall Womens Tennis League Information
Registration Opens July 1
Registration Deadline
July 20 @
Singles Start Date
Aug 1
Sept 30
Doubles Start Date
July 29
Oct 1
Day Leagues Location
Wednesday Advanced Valley View Park
Thursday Recreational Valley View Park
Thursday Intermediate Dred Scott
Day Time Location
Agreed Upon* Agreed Upon* Agreed Upon*
Advanced 3.54.0 USTA Rating Total: 7.08.0
Intermediate 3.03.5 USTA Rating Total: 6.07.0
Beginner 2.03.0 USTA Rating Total: 5.06.0
Valley View Park
401 East 90th Street
Dred Scott Playfield
10820 Bloomington Ferry Road
Marcia Bach
Questions about Womens Leagues may
be directed to
To report tennis ladder scores email: or call 952-563-8878; opon 6
Please keep in mind you will be expected to follow
guidelines laid out by the City of Bloomington in
conjunction with USTA and MDH/DNR. Specific
guidelines will be sent out prior to play.
National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) Level Information
1.0 Just starting to play tennis
Has limited experience with stroke development and is still working primarily on getting the ball
into play. Not yet ready to compete.
Needs on-court experience with emphasis on play. Struggles to find appropriate contact point.
Needs stroke development/lessons and is not yet familiar with basic positions for singles and
doubles play.
Learning to judge where the ball is going when receiving, although movement and recovery are
not in sync. Can Sustain a rally of slow pace with other players of similar ability and is
beginning to develop strokes. This player is becoming more familiar with the basic positions for
singles and doubles. This player is ready to play social matches, leagues and low-level
Fairly consistent when hitting medium-paced shots, but is not comfortable with all strokes and
lacks execution when trying for directional control, depth, pace or altering distance of shots.
Most common doubles formation is one up and one back.
Has achieved improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, but still
lacks depth, variety, and the ability to alter distance of shots. Effective use of lobs, overheads,
approach shots, and volleys is limited due to a lack of confidence. More comfortable at the net,
has improved court awareness, and is developing teamwork in doubles. Potential limitations or
strengths: The level at which it begins to be about what skills a player can display on
court, not what they cant.
Has dependable strokes, including directional control, depth and ability to alter distance of
shots on both forehand and backhand sides during moderately paced play, plus the ability to
use lobs, overheads, approach shots, and volleys with more success. This player occasionally
forces errors when serving. Rallies may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork in doubles is
evident. Potential strengths: Less likely to beat themselves; more dependable second serve;
recognizes opportunities to finish points.
Has begun to vary the use of pace and spins, has good movement, can control distance and
depth of shots, and is beginning to develop game plans according to strengths and
weaknesses. Can hit the first serve with power and accuracy and can place the second serve.
Tends to over-hit on difficult shots. Aggressive net play is common in doubles. Potential
strengths: Points are won and lost off the serve more often; better able to cover
weaknesses; beginning to develop a weapon.
Has good shot anticipation and frequently has an outstanding shot or attribute around which
their game can be structured. Has confidence to regularly hit winners or force errors off of short
balls and can put away volleys, can successfully execute lobs, drop shots, half volleys,
overheads, and has good depth and spin on most second serves. Potential strengths: Better
decision making; covers and disguises weaknesses well; mentally tougher, but can still break
down in stress situations.
Has developed pace and/or consistency as a major weapon. Can vary strategies and styles of
play in a competitive situation and hit dependable shots in a stress situation. Potential
strengths: Can hit offensively at any time; can vary strategies and styles of play in
competitive situations; first and second serves can be weapons.
Has obtained a sectional and/or national ranking. Typically has had intensive training for
national or top level collegiate competition.
World-class players with extensive satellite and/or international tournament experience. Makes
living from tournament prize money.
2020 Fall Women's Tennis League
Registration Form
The City of Bloomington does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its services, programs or activities. Upon request,
accommodation will be provided to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in all City of Bloomington services, programs and activities. Upon request, this information can be
provided in Braille, large print, audio tape and/or computer disk.
Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy
Full refunds will be processed if the league your team is registered for is cancelled by
Parks and Recreation due to lack of teams.
Pro-rated refunds will be processed if scheduled games are cancelled and make up dates
are not available due to unavailable facilities.
Teams will receive a full refund less a $50 service charge if your team withdraws at least 3
weeks before the start of play.
Refunds will not be processed if your team withdraws less than 3 weeks before the start of
play or if your team is removed from the league due to disciplinary action.
Card Number __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __
Authorized Fee Amount: $____________
Payment Method:
Cash Check # _____ (Payable to City of Bloomington)
Visa MasterCard Discover AmEx
Cardholder Name: _______________________________
Cardholder Signature:_____________________________
Expiration Date: ____ / _______ CVV ______
(3 Digits on Back, AmEx: 4 on front)
For Office Use Only
Date Received____/____/_____ Staff Initials: ______
Partners Information ___ I need a partner
Partners Name: _____________________________
Team Name: _____________________________
Player Information
Name: ____________________________________
Address: __________________________________
City & Zip: _________________________________
Phone: (H) _________________________________
(W) _________________ (C) __________________
Email: ____________________________________
___ New Member ___ Returning Member
NTRP Rating*:_________ (Ratings will be verified)
Release Agreement
Data Privacy Act/Tennessen Warning
 
Both players on a doubles team must submit their own
signed registration sheet for the team to be registered
for a league, regardless of whether team members are
paying individually or having one player subm it
payment for both players. If you would like to regist er
as a substitute for a league (no fee required), please
check on the substitute line.
Completed Registration for and full payment
can be returned via:
Mail/Drop-Off: 1800 W Old Shakopee Road
Bloomington, MN 55431 ATTN: Women's Tennis
League Checks payable to: City of Bloomington
Womens Doubles
Advanced Intermediate Recreational
Singles Ladder
Singles Ladder
*Indicate which league you would like to participate in by placing a check mark next to your
desired league
*If you are unsure of your rating you can use your best judgement, start with the beginners league, or have a league representative obeserve your play for proper placement.