Incomplete Grade Contract
Incomplete (I) grade policy: An Incomplete/I grade is assigned when a student successfully completes
approximately 75 percent of course requirements, but for reasons acceptable to the instructor, the student is not
able to complete remaining requirements during the given term. An “I” grade is not a substitution for a failing
grade, but indicates that there is a reasonable expectation that the student will pass the course. An incomplete
grade will not count towards academic warning.
Students may request an Incomplete/I grade by contacting the instructor prior to the end of the term. Students
must complete the remaining requirements within one quarter after the end of the original course (summer term
excluded) unless the instructor designates a later completion date. Instructors will submit a grade change to the
Admissions & Records Office within one week of the student completing the course requirements; if no grade is
submitted, it is assumed the student did not complete the requirements and the “I” grade will convert to an “F”.0
(Note that if the student has earned a different grade without completion of these requirements, the instructor has
the option to submit that letter grade instead).
Student Name: COCC ID: Date:
Course Information and Requirements:
Term/Year Course No./Name CRN Instructor
Current Grade: ____________(or attach current grade sheet) Accounts for x-percent of final grade:
Assignments to be Completed
(attached additional details if appropriate)
Counts as x-percent of
final grade
Deadlines (no later than the
following quarter unless approved
by instructor)
If the above assignments are completed satisfactorily, the student’s anticipated grade will be (note that the grade is
anticipated only; actual performance on remaining assignments will determine actual final grade):
I have read the above information and understand that it is my responsibility to submit the remaining requirements
to the instructor before the deadlines stated. Any work submitted after the deadline may not be accepted by my
instructor and my grade may convert to an “F”. If an extension is needed, I understand that it is my responsibility
to contact my instructor prior to the deadline(s). Extensions can only be given with the approval of the instructor.
Student Signature: Date:
Instructor Signature: Date:
Note to instructor: Copies should be made for the student and department chair. Keep original in your files.
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