Form 006A International Application Form
Private Bag 116
Geelong Mail Centre Vic 3221
+61 3 5243 3533
Fax +61 3 5244 1263
CRICOS Provider Number 00306D
Marcus Oldham College is registered to provide the following programs to international students. Please
relevant box for the program for which you are applying. *A student on a student visa must NOT undertake more
than 25% of the course with off-campus units
Diploma of Agribusiness CRICOS Code 088177C
Associate Degree of Farm Business Management CRICOS Code 067448C
Diploma of Equine Management CRICOS Code 062230F
I wish to apply for entry into the above program to commence in the academic year
Family Name
Given Names
Preferred Name
Address 1
Address 2
City State Postcode
Date of Birth
Telephone (H)
Will your tuition fees be paid by an
If yes, name of organisation
From which country are you submitting this
In which country were you born?
What is your country of residency?
Have you previously visited Australia?
What is the main language spoken at your
permanent residence?
Form 006A International Application Form
As all courses are taught in English, applicants are required to meet Marcus Oldham College’s English Language
International students are required to be reasonably proficient in written and spoken English, at least
equivalent to an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 5.5 or a TOEFL (Test of English as a
Foreign Language) score of 520 or equivalent English language skills. Students are initially assessed during interview
and may be required to provide further evidence of English proficiency and/or undertake additional training and
Please select type of English Testing and
attach a certified copy of results
Please provide details of all formal secondary & tertiary studies that you have completed and those that you are
currently undertaking. You are required to supply an original of certified copy of your academic award/s and
transcript/s for all tertiary studies and for the final year results of your secondary schooling.
Name of qualification
Year enrolled
Year completed
Name of qualification
Year enrolled
Year completed
Applicants are required to have completed a minimum of one year of
full-time practical experience, preferably on a farm or related
Applicants should have some experience in the Equine Industry
and/or riding experience.
Please outline your previous experience. This information may be used to contact this employer for further details
regarding the position held.
Position held
Dates from/to
Employer Name
Contact Person
Employer Address
Employer Telephone Number
Employer Email Address
Position held
Dates from/to
Employer Name
Contact Person
Employer Address
Employer Telephone Number
Employer Email Address
Form 006A International Application Form
Please outline your previous experience with horses and/or in the Equine Industry
Are you a member of any Equine Industry Organizations? E.g. Race Clubs, Trainers, Breeders Associations,
Equestrian Federation, Pony Club or similar? Please give details
How would you rate your level of horse
handling & practical skills?
What is your main area of interest in the
Equine Industry?
I would like to be interviewed by telephone
on the number provided.
You will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time and day to complete pre-entry interview.
Has any member of your family attended Marcus Oldham College? If so, would you please complete the details
below to enable us to maintain our alumni records?
Course of Study
Year completed
Could you please provide the following information in relation to parents/guardians? This information is part of a
reporting requirement by the Commonwealth Government Department of Education and Training.
Parent/Guardian 2
Relationship to you
Family Name
Given Name
Address 1
Address 2
City State Postcode
Date of Birth
Telephone (H)
Education Level (Secondary)
Year Completed
Education Level (Tertiary)
Year Completed
Form 006A International Application Form
Why have you considered studying with Marcus Oldham?
What are you hoping to get out of studying your chosen course?
What type of career do you see yourself taking? (Short, medium, long-term)
Tell us about yourself and your work/industry experience.
Where did you hear about Marcus Oldham College?
In order to create and maintain positive and vibrant residential communities, when considering an application, regard is had to
the suitability of each applicant to live in the accommodation type and within the residential community. In making the
assessment of suitability, prior knowledge of the applicant and any relevant information obtained from Marcus Oldham College or
through background checks will be considered.
I declare that the information I have provided is complete and correct. I have read and understood all instructions on this
I understand if I do not complete all the questions on this form Marcus Oldham College may not be able to process my application.
I understand that the information collected on this form is to enable Marcus Oldham College to assess my application, create a
record on its student records system, undertake statistical analysis and meet statutory reporting requirements. This information
will be accessed by Marcus Oldham staff strictly for these purposes and disclosed to State and Australian Government agencies
where required by law and the Fund Manager
of the ESOS Assurance Fund as required under the Education Services for Overseas
Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code 2007 of that Act.
I acknowledge that Marcus Oldham College reserves the right to vary or reserve any decision regarding admission made based on
incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information.
I authorise Marcus Oldham College to obtain further academic information or official student records from any educational
institution noted in this application or from any recognised qualifications assessment body necessary and/or, where my work
experience is relevant, to verify my employment history for the purpose of making an informed decision about my application.
Signature Date
Marcus Oldham College will store your details disclosed on this form for the purpose for which it was collected. We will not
disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent, unless we are required or authorised to do so by law or
other regulation.
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