Years F-12
1. Identify an enrolment category
Students must identify which category they intend to enrol under, as outlined on the previous pages.
2. Gather supporting documentation
Dierent supporting evidence is required, depending on the enrolment category. Referral forms
can be found at the end of this Enrolment Handbook.
Schools, specialist practitioners and outside agencies can return completed referral forms to
the applicant so they can submit all enrolment documentation at once. Alternatively, they can
send them directly to the VSV Enrolment Team.
All enrolment applications require the necessary supporting documentation:
Completed Referral Forms/Evidence (see the Eligibility Criteria section for information
about which referrals/evidence are required).
A copy of the student’s Immunisation History Statement from the Australian
Immunisation Register (if enrolling in a Primary Level F-6).
Medical management plan. This includes but may not be limited to allergies, anaphylaxis,
asthma, diabetes and epilepsy (if relevant).
A copy of a Parent/Carer Concession or Health Care Card (if claiming camps, sports
and excursion fund, CSEF).
New enrolment applications also require:
A copy of the student's most recent school reports and other academic reports
e.g. NAPLAN report, VCE details transcripts.
Proof of student’s age (e.g. birth certicate or passport).
3. Complete the enrolment application form
All students enrolling need to complete the 2021 Enrolment Application Form, including the
Subject Selection and Personal Details pages relevant to the year level they are applying for.
Completed 2021 Enrolment Forms.
Completed Subject Selection Forms (Years 7-12 only).
Pre-enrolment Forms. Certain subjects require a Pre-enrolment Form to be completed.
These are marked by a small 2 on the subject selection form (Years 11-12 only).
Pre-enrolment forms can be found on the relevant subject information page
Application Guide
Step-by-step guide to completing an application
In order to enrol at VSV, the following four tasks must be completed: