General Statewide Enrollment Options Application for
K-12 and Early Childhood Special Education
The General Statewide Enrollment Options Application for K-12 and Early Childhood Special Education is
the required application for all Minnesota school districts. Please use this application for inter-district K-
12 open enrollment and inter-district enrollment in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). Please use
the Statewide Enrollment Options Application for State-funded Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten and School
Readiness Plus for voluntary pre-kindergarten or school readiness plus open enrollment.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not disclose other information to the non-resident district until a seat is
offered in writing. At that point, the district will request information such as special needs, birth date,
race, ethnicity, academic and other records.
Section 1: To be Completed by One or Both of the Student’s Parents or
Student Information
Student Last Name:
Full Middle:
Will the student be at least age 5 and under age 21 by September 1 of the enrollment year or be
applying for ECSE?
Yes No*
*If No, please read information in the Statewide Enrollment Options Instructions before proceeding.
Student’s current grade level (If applying for ECSE, write EC):
Grade Level Desired:
Updated 10/16/2018
Student Resident District Information
Resident District Name:
District Number:
District of Choice Name:
District Number:
Identify the reason for the request to enroll in a nonresident district:
District of Choice (non-resident school district)
Site or Program Preferences
If the non-resident school district has multiple sites/programs that serve your child’s needs, you may
rank sites/programs in order of preference (add more preferences if desired).
Enrollment Timeline
When are you seeking to enroll your child?
Not immediately, but sometime during the current school year
Next school year.
Special Situations
Please check all that apply.
Sibling preference: student has a sibling currently open-enrolled in this non-resident district.
Employee child preference: Student has parent or legal guardian who is a Minnesota resident who is
an employee of the non-resident district.
Updated 10/16/2018
Family move: The student’s resident district changed after December 1 prior to the school year
requested, waiving deadlines.
Student is a resident of City of Edina but the resident school district for the student’s Edina home is
not Edina Public Schools. Student seeks enrollment in Edina Public Schools.
Student is requesting a move into and/or a move out of a district that receives Achievement and
Integration Revenue, waiving deadlines. You can check here if you do not know the answer to this:
Student is currently expelled under Minnesota Statutes, section 121A.45 for a reason listed in
Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.03, Subdivision 1, which allows but does not require the non-resident
district to deny the application.
Parent/Legal Guardian Information
The student must live with at least one parent/guardian who lives in Minnesota.
Minnesota Parent/Guardian 1
Last Name:
First Name:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Street Address:
Parent/Guardian 2:
Last Name:
First Name:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Updated 10/16/2018
Street Address:
Physical Signature of at Least One Parent/Guardian is Required
I hereby verify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Signature of parent/legal guardian 1:
Signature of parent/legal guardian 2 (optional):
Submission Information
For priority consideration, please complete this application and send it to the Superintendent’s Office in
the non-resident District by January 15 before the first fall enrollment. Please do not send this
application to the Minnesota Department of Education. Use one application per student per requested
Applications received by the non-resident district after the January 15 deadline may qualify for
exceptions to deadline or, if not, districts may voluntarily agree to allow enrollment through a voluntary
School District Non-resident Agreement for Inter-district Enrollment.
Section 2: To be Completed by the Non-resident District
Non-resident District: Notify parents/guardians of application approval or disapproval in writing by
February 15 or no more than 90 days after receiving applications that come later through an
Achievement and Integration School Choice Program If rejected, you must let families know legal reason
for denial. Reminder: ECSE open enrollment applications cannot be denied solely due to lack of capacity
to provide special education services. (See Minn. Stat. § 124D.03, subd. 6).
Please expedite any requests for open enrollment into Early Childhood Special Education Services.
Families must accept or decline the offer by March 1 or 45 days after notification that their application
has been approved. After receiving the commitment to attend, the non-resident district must notify the
resident district by March 15 (or 30 days after initial receipt if form filed after January 15) of the
student’s intent to enroll. Districts must report all counts of rejected applications and reasons to the
Minnesota Department of Education by July 15 or each year.
Updated 10/16/2018
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Date Application Received:
District Name:
District Number:
District Contact Name:
Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Does the January 15 deadline apply?
Yes, the deadline applies and it was met.
Yes, but it was not met. If this is the case, contact the superintendent’s office in the resident district
immediately regarding Section 3 of this form to determine whether the resident district and your
district will agree to a Non-resident Agreement to serve the student prior to open enrollment becoming
No, one or both districts receive Achievement and Integration funding from MDE.
No, family moved to resident district on December 1 or later.
No, the commissioner of education and commissioner of human rights have determined the resident
district’s policies, procedures or practices are in violation of Title IV of the Civil Rights Act (Minn. Stat.
§124D.03, subd.7).
Will the student have priority in a lottery? No Yes, based on:
Sibling of currently open-enrolled student in this district.
MDE-approved Achievement and Integration with specific school choice plan involving the districts.
Child of Minnesota resident who is a district employee.
City of Edina resident whose resident school district is not Edina Public Schools, seeking entry to the
Approval/Disapproval of Open Enrollment Application
APPROVED BUT WITH A NON-RESIDENT AGREEMENT for upcoming year that is mutually agreed
upon by both districts. Enrollment will continue in subsequent years as open enrollment provided that a
lottery is not needed for the student’s grade level in the first fall enrollment or the grade level has not
been closed by board action. Students will be entered into lottery if one is held. (Non-resident district:
keep documentation of the agreement. Districts may document agreement using Section 3 or another
format of their choosing.)
STUDENT ASSIGNMENT SITE/PROGRAM: On the basis of information provided in the above
application, and with respect to district policies and procedures, the above student will be assigned to:
Updated 10/16/2018
School Building Name:
Starting Date:
Grade Level:
The non-resident district has denied the request for open enrollment because of the following reason(s)
allowed in Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.03. Reminder: ECSE open enrollment applications cannot
be denied based on special education program capacity. Check all that apply:
January 15 deadline applies and was not met; situations that would have waived the deadline are
not present. See Statewide Enrollment Options Instructions or Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.03,
subdivision 3.
enrollment cap has been reached for open enrollment. (Minn. Stat. § 124D.03, subd.2)
is closed district-wide by board action. (Minn. Stat. § 124D.03, subd. 2 and subd.6)
has denied the application because of specific expulsion reasons allowed in law. (Minn. Stat. §
124D.03, subd.1)
Non-resident district must notify resident district or last district of attendance by March 15 or 30 days
later of the pupil's intent to enroll in the non-resident district. The same procedures apply to a pupil who
applies to transfer from one participating non-resident district to another participating non-resident
Name of Superintendent/Responsible Authority: _____________
Please Note: districts may not modify this form, add data fields or create alternative formats.
Updated 10/16/2018
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