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*Authorized signatory designees have been submitted by school’s Principal to Cuesta College.
This Permit to Enroll is to be completed by the student and authorized by their principal and parent/guardian to concurrently
enroll at Cuesta College. Please refer to the back side for Enrichment Program policy and registration directions. Allow five
(5) days processing for data entry of approved courses from Permit to Enroll, which can be confirmed in myCuesta under
“Registration Status.” Before submitting this form, the student must complete the following steps:
1) Apply online at (Required every term Enrichment student plans to attend.)
2) *Confirm age limit prerequisite has been met for course(s) as of the start of term.
Attach Petition for Enrollment in Age-Restricted Courses if approved.
(It is the student’s responsibility to obtain instructor approval on age-restricted course petition.)
3) Home schooled students must attach a copy of a current Private School Affidavit.
4) Complete Enrichment Student Orientation and attach Certificate of Completion:
Returning Enrichment Students are not required to retake or submit Enrichment Student Orientation
This permit does not register a student nor guarantees a seat will be available in courses requested at the time of
9 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Last Name First Name
Cuesta Student ID Number
Circle Grade Level: 9
______/_____/______ (______)________________
Birthdate Student Contact Phone Number
High School Counselor Name:__________________________________________________________
( )
School Name (Please list city/state if outside San Luis Obispo County) School Phone Number
Type of School: Public High School Private School Home School (Please attach affidavit)
Private Tutor (Please attach teaching credential) Other:
Select Term: Fall Spring Summer Select Year: 20______
List both desired and alternate courses in case a class is closed, cancelled, or a prerequisite is not met.
Specify subject and course number. Kinesiology (Physical Education) activity courses are not allowed.
Course Title Credits
**For English/Math Courses Only (AB705)
Signature Required: As an authorized designee or principal, I have
reviewed the student’s academic history and recommend the student
for the listed English or Math course.
Ex: MATH 127 Intermediate Algebra 5.0
**Signature if English/Math:
**Signature if English/Math:
**Signature if English/Math:
**Signature if English/Math:
**Signature if English/Math:
Maximum of 11.999 credits per semester and
maximum 9.0 credits for summer session.
*Verify Course Age Restrictions:
Parent, Student, Principal please read the following information carefully and approve below:
By entering a college environment, students who are minors will be exposed to a diverse population in educational programs designed for the adult
learner that may involve sensitive topics that might be considered controversial or offensive in the secondary school setting. Students also have
open access to the Internet on campus computers and access to family planning (pregnancy testing, HIV testing, condoms) in the Health Center.
All college coursework is governed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act which allows release of academic information, including grades,
to the student only – regardless of age. Academic information is not released to parents or third parties, in-person or by phone, unless consent is
authorized by the student via FERPA Release Form available in myCuesta Student Quick Links under Forms.
If a class does not meet at its scheduled time (i.e. cancelled class or ends early), Cuesta College does not inform parents or guardians nor will staff
or the instructor assume responsibility for students once a class is released.
I have read the above and authorize par
t-time enrollment at Cuesta College:
Student’s Signature Date
*Authorized Designee or Principal’s Signature Date
Parent or Legal Guardian’s Signature Date
OFFICE USE ONLY Date received: ___________________
Check the following:
______ Applied (SAAADMS) ______ No KINA Classes
______ Check Term ______ Approval Signatures
______ SOAHSCH update High School
______ SOATEST
(math/Engl) ______ SVAMSTD (math/Engl)
Registration Aide Initials: ____________________________
Date entered (SFASRPO): ___________________________
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The following guidelines for Enrichment Program students have been established for students enrolled in Grades 9-12
that wish to concurrently attend Cuesta College.
Students may apply and submit their Permit to Enroll beginning:
o April 1 for the summer session.
o October 1 for the fall term.
o October 1 for the spring term.
Students receive an email from the Admissions Office when their application is received. The email provides the
student’s myCuesta login and Cuesta Student ID number. Students register on-line in myCuesta
or may attend walk-in registration (photo ID required). Refer to the online class schedule (PDF) for walk-in
registration dates and times scheduled the week prior to the start of the term.
Enrichment students may confirm their date/time to register and Permit to Enroll approved courses in myCuesta
under “Registration Status.” Allow five (5) days for input of Permit to Enroll approved courses.
Once the student passes the California State Proficiency Exam or equivalent, receives a high school diploma,
passes the G.E.D., or reaches the age of 18, the student must submit an application for the following term
indicating his/her new educational status to be classified as an incoming first-time college student.
Cuesta College interprets “advanced scholastic”, or enrichment, coursework as:
meeting Cuesta College associate degree requirements, excluding preparatory English and Math; or
higher levels of math, language, or science that are not offered within the student’s school; or
transferable to a four-year institution; or
not available to the student from a school within their district.
Non-transferable and kinesiology (physical education) activity courses are the types of courses that would not be
considered “advanced scholastic” in nature. Vocational courses are those that teach and develop specific skills
and most often relate to job preparation. These courses would also be interpreted as enrichment if not available to
the student within the student’s school or from a school within their district.
Admission Application
Required every term. Apply online at
Approved Permit to
Required every term.
Principal’s Consent
Required. Principal may authorize a designee to sign on their behalf contact for authorization form.
Affidavit if home schooled OR
Copy of tutor’s teaching credential if privately tutored
Maximum Credits
Fall/Spring semester: 11.999 credits maximum allowed.
Summer Session: 9.0 credits maximum allowed.
Full-Time Enrollment
Not allowed.
Kinesiology Classes
No, Kinesiology (Physical Education) activity courses are not considered “advanced
scholastic” study.
Prerequisites must be
completed prior to
Course prerequisite requirements must be met for specified Math, English, and science
courses or the student will be blocked from registering. View prerequisite information at:
Age restrictions have been imposed on specified courses. Student must be of required
age prior to the start of the term or will not be allowed to register. View Age-restricted
courses at:
A “Petition for Enrollment in Age-Restricted Courses” must be approved and submitted.
Auditing Courses
No. Enrichment students may not audit courses and may not appeal to audit.
All Fees Waived?
No. Only the enrollment fee and Student Representation fee are waived. Students pay other
registration fees, which include course material fees, health fees, student center fees, parking
permit, and ASCC Student ID Card fees, if applicable. Non-resident students shall be exempt
from non-resident fees. This exemption does not apply to F1/M1 (Student) Visas. Students
receiving this exemption do not receive resident status for the purpose of tuition or financial
aid. Fees are posted online at:
Priority to Register?
No. Enrichment students are considered specially-admitted students and require an
application and Permit to Enroll every term they wish to attend. Enrichment students do not
qualify for priority to register as a new or continuing college student.