Payments, request for the Driving Safety Course and Deferred Disposition, or documents due to be turned in
can be submitted on line at, e-mail at
, by mail,
Utility drop box located outside the Municipal Complex and in person.
Please contact the court clerk for any questions or concerns you may have at (210)658-7324.
Name: ______________________________________
Citation number: _______________________
You have been charged with a Class “C” offense by the State of Texas in the City of Cibolo Municipal Court. If you would like to resolve this
case without having to appear in person in the Cibolo Municipal Court, you must complete and return this form on or before your scheduled
court date.
You have three options from which you may select to resolve your case without trial and without making an in-person court appearance. For each of
the options, you must enter a plea of either Guilty or No Contest. Then, please determine which option below you agree to.
I. “I acknowledge that I have been charged with the offense(s) of:
To this offense, I hereby enter a plea of (circle one): (Guilty) (No Contest) and waive my right to a trial.
II. Select one of the following options to dispose of your case:
a. Request to pay Fine and Court Costs :
For amount due go to, Municipal Court, Citation inquiry or call the Court at
Payments can be made on-line, regular mail or drop in the Utility drop box located in the parking
lot of the Cibolo Municipal complex.
Note: payment of fine and court costs without accepting one of the below options will result in a
conviction on your driving/criminal record.
To select this option, sign here: ______________________________ E-mail address:__________________________
Complete mailing address: __________________________________________________________________________
b. Request to complete Defensive Driving:
You can not have taken the Driving Safety Course within the past twelve (12) months for a ticket dismissal,
you must provide a copy of your current valid Texas driver’s license and proof of current insurance listing yourself as a covered driver
along with this form and the required payment.
Upon receipt of your request, an e-mail will be sent advising you of the administrative fee due within ten (10) days of the date of the e-
mail. Once payment is received, you will then have ninety (90) days to complete the course and provide a copy of your certificate of
completion and Texas driving record to the court.
Failure to submit the required documentation within the 90 day period will result in a conviction of this offense and a fine balance
of $200.00 due within thirty (30) days of conviction date.
To select this option, sign here: ______________________________ E-mail address:__________________________
Complete mailing address: __________________________________________________________________________
c. Request to complete Deferred Disposition:
You must provide a copy of your current valid driver’s license and auto insurance on or before your original court date. Upon
approval, you will be required to pay a special expense fee and court cost set by the Court. The State of Texas will then place you on
Deferred Disposition for a period not to exceed 180 days during which you cannot commit any similar violations. Your appearance will
be required at the end of your probation period as stated on your Deferred Disposition Order. Failure to meet all of these requirements
will result in a conviction for the offense. *If you are under the age of 25, you must complete a defensive driving course as a
condition of the deferral within 90 days.
To select this option, sign here: ______________________________ E-mail address:__________________________
Complete mailing address: __________________________________________________________________________
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