Create a routine! Check off the tasks you will try today.
Make it a routine to open the back door of your car every
time you park.
If you are driving a child, after you correctly buckle them in a
car seat or booster seatput something you need at your
destination in the back seat so you will open the back
door: a cellphone, employee badge, handbag, or other item
you need to keep with you…even your left shoe!
Ask your babysitter or child care provider to call you if your
child hasn’t arrived as scheduled.
Keep a stuffed animal in the child’s car seat. Place it on the
front passenger seat as a reminder when the child is in the
back seat.
Set the alarm on your cell phone or computer calendar as a
reminder to drop your child off at child care. Remember to
make the alarm song/sound different from all other alert
sounds on your device.
If you have a change in routine, such as your spouse or
parent dropping your child off at child care instead of you,
make sure you and the other person communicate to
confirm the drop-off was made.
Consider technology that alerts drivers to check the back
seat. (Vehicle and child restraint manufacturers have been
working on various evolving alert systems and some
technologies are available now!)