Revised 07/29/2019
Chapter 50 (Floods) Variance
So that we may efficiently review your variance request in a timely manner, it is important that all required documents listed on the
“Submittal Checklist” below are submitted with your application. Feasibility reviews with our Development Review Committee (DRC) are
available to help answer these questions prior to the formal submittal of application(s). (Please call the number above to schedule an
appointment.) Submit applications and accompanying documents to the Customer Service Lobby at the address above.
If no resubmittal or reasonable attempt to move the project forward has been made within two-months of a submittal, the application will be
deemed dormant and a new application will be required.
Check the type of project that applies to your submittal.
Variance to Chapter 50 (Floods) Ordinance for inhabitable structures only
Approval Authority - Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z). (SEE Ordinance 50.66)
Variance to Chapter 50 (Floods) Ordinance for non-inhabitable structures only
Approval Authority Director of Engineering. (SEE Ordinance 50.66)
By signing below, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the Submittal Checklist and have included the required submittal items and
reviewed them for completeness and accuracy. I also acknowledge that my application will be rejected if it is deemed incomplete.
Applicant’s Signature
Received By:
Flood Ordinance Variance Applicationcomplete with all required signatures
The application must be signed by the owners of the property. If the applicant is the designated agent, the application shall include a Letter of
Authorization from the property owners authorizing the agent to file the application on his behalf. If the property has multiple owners, applications
must include a Letter of Authorization from each property owner. All properties owned by business entities shall provide certified
documentation indicating the names of all owners and legal designees of the business. This can include, but is not limited to, title reports,
Articles of Incorporation, Certificates of Formation, Certificates of Status, or meeting resolutions.
PDF format on disc containing all documents rotated and formatted in sequential order based upon cover page.
Title Report
Supporting detail describing the reason the variance is being requested, including description of hardship.
Site Plan illustrating the requested variance and other necessary information (maps, drawings, pictures, etc.) to explain the variance request.
Elevation Certification
Engineering Department
City of League City
500 W. Walker St.
League City, TX 77573
Phone: 281.554.1445
Fax: 281.554.1020
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