Computer Usage Standards for Durham Tech College Employees
Instructions: Read the following rules and regulations concerning computer access. When you have
completed reading and are clear about each item, sign the form and return it to your supervisor. You
cannot be assigned a user ID until this form has been completed.
1. Your user ID and password are confidential information. Do not share them with anyone. It is a direct
violation of Durham Tech policy to give your user ID or password to anyone (Durham Tech employees
as well as non-employees). If someone needs to access information that you have access to, they
need to clear that access with the appropriate supervisor and have their access set up with the
system administrator.
2. Do not write down your user ID and password - memorize them.
3. You will be required to provide a new password for your account every 60 days. The system will not
allow you to reuse your last 7 passwords. Make sure that your new password is at least 8 characters
long. Do not make your new password too simple. Remember, the purpose of your password is to
deter unauthorized access to your account.
4. If someone needs to use your computer, log out and let them log in under their own ID.
5. Do not stay logged on and leave your terminal unattended. Log out before you leave for the day.
6. Access is granted to data on the grounds that it is required for your job.
7. Entry into files and modules for which you do not have approved access is against Durham Tech
8. Destruction, alteration, or falsification of any computerized or written data, or unauthorized
disclosure of any confidential data, may be grounds fordismissal.
9. Do not leave confidential data lying around.
10. Misuse or misrepresentation of Durham Tech data and programs isagainst Durham Tech policy.
11. If you have access to payroll data or reports, under no circumstances is this information to be
discussed with anyone other than the appropriate supervisory personnel.
12. Report any suspected system security problems to your supervisor.
I have read and understand the above information.
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