University Human Resources
Enrollment for Faculty Pay Group 9/12 for Academic Year 2019/2020
This form must be received by the Human Resources Office by September 6, 2019.
No forms or changes will be accepted beyond that date.
Criteria for 9-month faculty salary paid over 12 months
The 12-month period is from September through August of each year.
While annual salary is the same, the monthly gross amount will decrease. (see example below)
Employee will not earn any interest on the earned but unpaid salary amount.
All insurances, retirement, and taxes will be paid over the 12-month period in equal monthly installments.
Pay for summer work and regular monthly pay will be combined and paid as a single check.
Elections can be made only once a year, at the beginning of each academic year.
Election cannot be changed throughout the year.
If employee leaves the university, the remaining monies will be paid over the remaining 12 month
cycle. There is no lump sum pay out; checks continue on a monthly cycle.
If you are leaving/retiring midyear this may not be an option you should consider.
Foreign nationals are excluded from participating in this pay group
I would like to enroll in 9/12 pay
I would like to drop 9/12 pay and return to 9/9
Example of salary distribution based on annual salary of $45,000
9/9: monthly gross income = $5,000
9/12: monthly gross income = $3,750
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