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Use this form to establish or change an existing direct deposit program.
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Address City, State, ZIP
BANK/DEPOSITORY INFORMATION I, (print name) am/will be receiving
payments. As a payee, I request that the payment be electronically deposited into my (Select One):
Checking Account
Savings Account
Please attach a current voided check or savings deposit slip in the space provided below for verification of account information.
Starter checks are not acceptable to establish direct deposit.
Tape a copy of a void check or deposit slip here.
I hereby authorize Pacific Life to initiate deposits (credits) and debit my account for any erroneously credited to and from the financial institution indicated above.
The financial institution is authorized to credit and/or debit to my account. This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Pacific Life has received written
notification from me of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford Pacific Life and Bank/Depository a reasonable opportunity to act on it. These
instructions will take the place of any previous or existing instructions on file.
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Signature month / day / year
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND SIGNATURE(S) Please read and sign below:
Bank Name
Telephone Number
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Account Number
ABA/Routing Number
GENERAL INFORMATION Claimant/Payee Name (First, Middle, Last)
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Policy and Certificate Number (if known)