Illinois State Board of Education
Student Learning Objective Template
General Information
Academic Year Educator Name
Course/Subject Grade Level(s)
Interval of Instruction
Initial Approval Date Midcourse Check-In Date
Element 1: Learning Goal
Describe the learning goal.
Identify the content standards associated with the learning goal. Include the text of the content
Describe the student population.
Summarize the instructional strategies used to teach the learning goal.
Discussion Questions
What “big idea” is supported by the learning goal?
How does the learning goal support students’ development of critical thinking, problem
solving, and analytical skills?
Element 2: Assessment
Describe the assessment and evaluation procedures that measure students’ understanding of
the learning goal.
Describe how the assessment and evaluation procedures will be differentiated to meet the
needs of all students described in the student population.
Discussion Questions
How often will you collect data to monitor student progress toward this learning goal?
How will you use this assessment information to monitor student progress and inform
your instruction?
Element 3: Growth Targets
Identify students’ baseline data.
Using students’ baseline data identify appropriate growth targets for your student population.
Discussion Questions
Explain how the growth targets demonstrate ambitious, yet realistic targets, for all
students described in the student population.
Element 4: Outcome
Document the number or percentage of students who achieved their identified growth targets.
Explain how the number or percentage of students who met their identified growth targets
translates into an appropriate teacher rating.
Element 5: Teacher Rating
Teacher Rating
Evaluator Signature
Teacher Signature
ISBE Balanced Assessment