Documents/Schools_Childcare_Universities/School_Letters_Fall2020/COVID-Quarantine letter schools.docx 12/2020
Dear Parent or Guardian,
This letter is to inform you that an individual at your childcare center/school has been diagnosed
with COVID-19.
Your child was identified as a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19, either by
physical proximity or another connection at school. They were exposed on .
Your child needs to quarantine at home for days (based upon recommendations of
your child's school) after their last exposure to the positive individual. His/her estimated return to
school after quarantine would be . This date could change if your
child develops symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-19.
While in quarantine, watch for any symptoms of COVID-19. Early identification may limit the risk to other household
members. COVID-19 symptoms can include any of the following:
Class A Symptoms Class B Symptoms
Fever (defined as subjective or 100.4
F or higher)
Loss of sense of taste and/or smell
Shortness of breath
Muscle or body aches
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting
Diarrhea (defined as two or more loose stools in 24 hours)
If your child develops any symptoms, please notify his/her school and contact your child’s doctor for evaluation and
testing for COVID-19 infection.
often have questions about testing their child after an exposure. Testing is recommended if symptoms are
present, but not recommended without symptoms. A negative test does not release a student from quarantine early or
allow a return to in-person instruction.
If parents want to test their child in the absence of symptoms, we encourage waiting until seven days after exposure.
Seven days is the average period after an exposure that symptoms would develop or someone who became infected
would test positive, although this can be up to 14 days after exposure.
Having your child in quarantine does not require any restrictions with other household members unless your child is
experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19. If your child develops symptoms or tests positive,
household members should also quarantine and await further instruction from public health.
For more information and additional guidance about your child being exposed:
If you have further questions concerning COVID-19, consult your healthcare provider or contact the state Call Center
1.800.525.0127 and press #. More information can be found on our website at or at
Francisco R Velazquez, MD, SM
Spokane Co Interim Health Officer
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