2019 Creepside Festival presented by Schneider Insurance
Gahanna Parks & Recreation Creepside Trick or Treat Trail Application
Creepside is a family event hosted by the City of Gahanna Department of Parks & Recreation and held in the Creekside District on
Mill Street, Creekside Park & Plaza in Gahanna on Saturday, October 19 from 11:00am-3:00pm. Creepside showcases local
organizations and their contributions to the community, while providing attendees a firsthand opportunity to learn about their
For more information about the Creepside, please visit www.creepsidefest.com
In order to become a Creepside Trick or Treat Trail Participant, the Gahanna Department of Parks & Recreation requests the
1. Gahanna Department of Parks & Recreation Creepside Trick or Treat Trail Participant application.
2. Agree to only present from 11:00am-3:00am on the provided date. Arrive by 10:30a and clean up by 4p.
3. Provide a family friendly activity for the event.
4. Provide all candy/treats and decorate display area with seasonal decorations, including costumes for presenters.
5. Only (1) organization may present from each booth area and organizations must represent the name provided on the
application; i.e. no shared booth space.
Application will be processed within 10 business days; no organization may participate until application has been processed &
The Creepside Trick or Treat Trail Participant fees shall be as follows:
$65(non-food/drink vendor) Organization is responsible for bringing and setting up your own table and chairs, a
ecorating it with a seasonal tablecloth, decorations, candy/treats, etc.
$95(non-food/drink vendor) 1 table and 2 chairs provided. Vendor is responsible for a seasonal tablecloth, decorations
and candy/treats etc.
Gahanna 501c3 non-profits to receive 50% discount (non-profit, must be located within Gahanna City limits)
Food/drink/craft vendors must submit a separate vendor application (anyone reselling items).
Completed application & payment should be made to the City of Gahanna, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, 200 S. Hamilton Road,
Gahanna, Ohio 43230. Applications are due by October 10, 2019 at 5pm. Checks should be made payable to: City of Gahanna
The Department of Parks & Recreation may refuse to issue Creepside permits if any of the following is found to be true:
1. The applicant has made a false statement as to any matter in the application;
2. The applicant or his prospective employer has violated any provision of this policy within the last three (3) years;
3. The applicant is under 18 years of age;
4. Any other reason for which a license may be refused as provided in various sections of the City of Gahanna Codifie
Creepside permits may be suspended or revoked by the Department of Parks & Recreation for one or more of the following reasons:
1. Fraud, misrepresentation or bribery in securing a license or during the course of business; or,
2. Violation of any provision of this chapter;
3. For any of the reasons which could have been grounds for refusing to issue the original license.
Vendors shall not:
1. Obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic upon any walkway or other public right-of-way. Leaving less than five (5) feet o
pace available for pedestrian traffic on any walkway shall be considered obstruction of pedestrian traffic.
2. Resell any products during the Creepside festival. This requires a separate application and fee.
Vendors shall:
1. Operate only in areas within their provided booth location
2. Be responsible for own utility needs (electric). Electric is NOT provided
1. Tents shall:
a. Not be larger than 100 sq ft; (10’ x 10’ tents ONLY) (not provided by Gahanna Parks & Rec)
b. Be anchored without stakes (use weights).
Creepside Trick or Treat Trail Participant Application
Applicant NAME: _________
reepside Trail Participant $65 Creepside Trail Participant $95 (includes 1 table & 2 Chairs)
Organization participating:
ax ID (only needed if Gahanna non profit
I have read and understand the conditions of this permit and have the authority to enter into this agreement and agree to abide by
the conditions of this permit.
For and in consideration of the opportunity to participate as a vendor for the City of Gahanna, Department of Parks & Recreation, I,
for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, acquit, discharge and covenant to hold harmless the City of Gahanna, its
successors, its officers, employees, servants, and agents of and from any and all actions, claims, causes of actions, claims demands,
damages, costs, loss of services, expenses and compensations, on or account of or in any way growing out of any and all personal
injury or property damage which may result to me as a result of participation as a vendor. I/We have read and agree to the vendor
application and related department policies, including the right to use my photograph or image with or without my name, both single
and in conjunction with other persons or objects for any and all purposes, including, but not limited to, private or public presentations,
advertising, publicity and promotions relating thereto.
Applicant Signature Date
Hereby enters in to an agreement with for the operation as a participant at
2019 Creepside Festival during the hours of 11:00am-3:00pm.
he terms of this agreement and its associated licenses are valid from 10/19/18 to 10/19/18.
Zac Guthrie Date
Department of Parks & Recreation
Creepside Trick or Treat Trail Information
Only one organization is permitted per registration paid, i.e. organizations are not permitted to share an
exhibitor area. The name represented on the included registration form is the designated exhibitor, no
other organization shall be permitted without an additional registration. During the festival exhibitors
are prohibited from distributing any information to festival attendees outside of their exhibitor space,
which is considered any area outside of 5 feet from the exhibitors provided space.
Electricity is NOT provided or available
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What time is the Creepside Festival?
A: October 19 2019; 11:00am-3:00pm at Creekside Park & Plaza, 117 Mill Street. You are welcome to
setup no earlier than 10:00am and no later than 10:30am. Please remain in your booth until the festival
has come to a close at 3:00pm. Clean your booth area and vacate by 4pm.
Q: Where will I be setup?
A: Prior to the festival you will receive a map via email with all trick or treat trail participant locations.
Once at the festival, each participant will find a sign with their business name labeling their booth.
Q: What should I wear?
A: Costumes are encouraged, be festive! Event attire is always dictated by the weather. Creepside Festival
will run rain or shine please plan accordingly.
Q: What should I bring?
A: If you requested a table for the festival, you will need only to bring seasonal tablecloth, decorations,
candy/treat, etc. If you did not request a table, you will also need to bring one table (no longer than 10
feet) and chairs. Please remember your booth doesn’t have electricity, if you are bringing lights, be sure
they are battery operated. 10x10 tents are permitted, with adequate weights.
Q: Where can I park?
A: Please park legally in any public parking spot. Mill Street will be closed from Granville to Walnut on
festival day from 8:00am-5:00pm. The parking garage will be open and is free to all. There is another
public parking lot at the corner of Town & High St.
Q: In case of inclement weather:
A: You will be contacted via email in the event of a cancellation. Please remember this event is RAIN OR
SHINE; a cancellation is unlikely. No refunds will be given due to rain.
Important Contacts
Gahanna Parks & Recreation (Event Coordinator) 614.342.4250
Emergency (Police Dispatch) 614.342.4240
Fire Department (Mifflin Township) 614.471.0542