Community Sign Application
City of Gahanna, Ohio 200 S. Hamilton Road, Gahanna, OH 43230
Phone: (614) 342-4275 Email:
Permit #
There is no fee, but applicant must provide a color 8 ½ x 11 sign proof a minimum of two weeks prior to the drop off
date. Copies of approved or rejected applications will be returned to the applicant by email.
Event Name
Name of Organization
Contact Name
Mailing Address
Contact Phone Email
Date of Event Monday Date(s) Requested for Sign
(Maximum 2 weeks prior to event)
Signs are put up and removed on Mondays. The only exception is when a holiday falls on a Monday. Refer
to item 10 of the sign policy for instructions on sign drop off & pick up.
Preferred sign location (mark all that apply): maximum of 5 signs per applicant.
S. Hamilton Road & Morrison Road
Stygler Road & eastbound 62
Morse Road & Cherry Bottom Road
Johnstown Road & Cherry Bottom Road
Havens Corners Road & Taylor Station Road
Johnstown Road & 270 exit
Stygler Road & westbound 62
Stygler Road & McCutcheon Road
Johnstown Road & YMCA Place
S. Hamilton Road & Tech Center Drive
Sign size: 47 5/8” x 47 5/8” (one half of Community Sign area)
Describe your event and benefit to the community (attach additional sheets as needed):
I have read and agree to adhere to the provisions of the community sign policy. I understand that failure to follow
these provisions may result in no further use of this free service.
Signature Date
For Internal Use
Application: Approved Not Approved
Parks & Facilities Superintendent Signature Date
Sign Locations Reserved:
Revised: January 2019
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Revised: January 2019
Community Sign Policy
The City of Gahanna has a number of community sign locations to further promote non-commercial or non-
political events and activities that benefit the community. These signs are located at the City’s major intersections
and will be a reflection on the City, hence the below requirements.
The locations of these community signs are:
1. S. Hamilton Road and Morrison Road
2. Stygler Road and eastbound 62
3. Morse Road and Cherry Bottom Road
4. Johnstown Road and Cherry Bottom Road
5. Taylor Station Road and Havens Corners Road
6. Johnstown Road and 270 exit
7. Stygler Road and westbound 62
8. Stygler Road and McCutcheon Road
9. Johnstown Road and YMCA Place
10. S. Hamilton Road and Tech Center Drive
Temporary signs for charitable organizations, schools, community, other public or semi-public organizations and
churches shall be permitted, provided the size is 47 5/8" x 47 5/8" (one half of the Community Sign area). This
includes, but is not limited to, Gahanna- based non-profit organizations such as the City of Gahanna, Olde Gahanna
Community Partnership (OGCP), Gahanna Convention and Visitors Bureau, Gahanna Area Chamber of Commerce,
Gahanna Events, school-related booster organizations and other local civic organizations.
The applicant shall provide the sign.
Revised: January 2019
Policies and Procedures
1. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis and must be made at least Twenty-one (21) days
prior to the event.
a. On the first business day of December, an applicant can submit their requests for the coming
calendar year.
2. All signs for the above listed locations must be approved by the Parks & Facilities Superintendent.
3. The Parks & Facilities Superintendent retains the right to reject an application, or have a sign removed, based
on a signs poor design / production / construction or failure to correspond to the rendition and colors of the
4. Each applicant must submit a rendition of the sign as close to the actual production as possible. Exact colors to
be used must be shown on the rendition, or exact paint chips of the colors must be submitted along with the
5. Community signs are a reflection on the City; therefore, all signs must have a professional appearance using no
more than three (3) colors. Neon, ultra-bright or glow in the dark paint or lettering is not permitted.
6. Signs must be constructed of 47 5/8” x 47 5/8” foot plastic of 3/8 or 1/2 inch thickness. Only one side of the
material may be used for the message.
7. Usage of any sign location may begin no more than fourteen (14) days prior to the related event, unless the
Parks & Facilities Superintendent grants special permission. In most cases, signs may be posted for no longer
than fourteen (14) days unless no other community events are posted and space is available. Signs will be put
up and removed on Mondays. The only exception will be when a holiday falls on Monday.
8. In the interest of providing exposure to as many community events as possible, sign posting is limited to five
9. City of Gahanna events and programs will be given priority use of these signs at all times.
10. If approval is granted, the signs will be installed and removed by the Parks & Recreation department.
a. Applicant shall call the Parks & Recreation department at 614.342.4275 to schedule a drop-off and
pick-up date and time with the Parks & Facilities Superintendent.
b. Signs must be delivered to and picked up from the Parks & Recreation Department, 152 Oklahoma
Ave, Gahanna, OH 43230.
c. They must be received no later than three (3) business days prior to the date they are to be
displayed. Signs not received three (3) business days prior to the date of display will not be placed
on the Community Sign board until the following week (if applicable).
d. All signs must be picked up within three (3) business days after the end of the application period.
Any signs remaining after this period will be destroyed.
e. The City assumes no liability for the signs during temporary storage, installation or display period.
11. Failure to comply with any of the listed policies will eliminate the organization from receiving approval for future
Revised: January 2019
Here are some recommendations on making your sign an effective communication piece for your event. These
are not required, but can make your sign work more effectively. The average driver will have six (6) seconds or less
to safely read your sign.
o Use contrasting colors.
o Light backgrounds with darker letters tend to read better.
o Keep the message short and letters large. Ideal height for letters is seven (7) inches.
o Do not use script or fancy lettering and avoid fonts with thin letters. Use thick, easy-to-read letters.
o Try to keep your message under six (6) lines of copy.
o Make event and contact information largest and boldest.
o Give a general idea of your event and a way to contact you for details.
o Include: event, time, date, place, organization, contact information.
o Make any graphics large and easy to recognize.
Don’t be afraid to leave some open space, it makes your sign easier to read and more effective. Too much
coverage clutters your message and people are less likely to read it.