Contract Proposal Form
Fall Spring Summer Year _________
Instructions: Please type or print clearly. The form must be filled out and submitted by the due date to
be accepted (the due dates for proposals are on the 2
page). Incomplete forms will not be processed.
Student’s Name: _____________________________________________
First Name Last Name
Student ID #: __________ Phone Number: _________________ Email: _________________
Course Name/Number: _______________________________________ Course Ticket #: __________
Instructor’s Name: _____________________________________________
First Name Last Name
Schedule of Faculty/Student Meetings: _________________ _________________
Days Times
Project Description: Describe your honors project. What are you going to do? What are the requirements for
this honors project? Be very specific in this section; after all, this portion of the honors contract proposal
determines what you must complete to receive honors credit for the course. If necessary, additional forms can
be attached to this document.
Project Goals and Learning Outcomes (check all that apply):
Develop research/critical thinking skills Develop intellectual curiosity
Develop reading/writing skills Develop presentation skills
Develop an interest (informed interest) in current issues and events
Develop a greater appreciation of cultural, gender, and aesthetic diversity
Develop a deeper understanding of a discipline or major
Participate in a community service or volunteeractivity
Develop leadership skills
Conduct research
SHP Contract Proposal Form
Type of Project: Describe the form/format your project will take (check all that apply).
Research Paper Presentation Research Journal
Computer Program
Quantitative/Qualitative Research Project Creative Writing or Fine Arts Portfolio
Film/Video Other
Research papers that are less than 10 typed pages will not be accepted.
Stand-alone PowerPoint projects will not be accepted; however, a PowerPoint can be part of a
project (just not the entire project).
Additional Contract Requirements (a “yes” to each question is required):
1. Are you a member of the Scholars’ Honors Program? Yes No
2. Are you in good academic standing (3.0+ GPA)? Yes No
3. Do you agree to keep your professor informed of your progress? Yes No
Both parties (the faculty member and the student) have discussed the requirements of this proposed
project and they agree to the terms delineated in this contract proposal form.
_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Faculty Signature Date Student Signature Date
Contract Proposal Due Dates
12-week, 15-week, and 18-week courses: due by the end of the 4
week of the course
6-week and 9-week courses: due by the end of the 2
week of the course