CERRITOS COLLEGE Special Admit - K-10
College Bridge -
& 12
This must be completed in BLUE or BLACK ink only
To be completed by student Term: Spring Summer Fall Year: __________
To be completed by school principal or authorized official
School Official
C currently attending not attending an accredited private or public school and has district approval to enroll in
: I certify that the above-named student is academically qualified for the course (s). The student is
classes at Cerritos College as long as these do not conflict with the school sessio
To be completed by parent or guardian
I give my permission for emergency first aid and treatment for my minor child/legal ward. I also give my permission for her/him to
be treated by a nurse, physician and or mental health counselor in the Student Health & Wellness Center of Cerritos College.
I understand that my child does not intend to enroll in a college course(s) that is
not specifically designed for students under the age
of 18, and that Cerritos College accepts no responsibility for any extraordinary supervision of students less than 18 years of age.
Further, I accept full responsibility for my child’s behavior while he/she is attending Cerritos College. All college coursework is
governed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, which prohibits release of academic information. I understand that I will
not have access to my child’s academic records (including, but not limited to grades and transcripts) without his/her written consent
regardless of age
. I have read and understand the attached information.
Name: Cerritos College ID #:
Last First Middle
Social Security No. - - Date of Birth: / / Age:
Type of Institution: Public School Private School Home Schooled Other:
School of Attendance: Expected Grad. Date:
Telephone: (_____) _________________
Grade Level:
For Summer: Enter grade level you are entering in Sept.
Student Signature:
Class # Course Name & No. Units
Cerritos College Instructor’s Signature
Required for K-10
Grade Students only
Cumulative GPA
Special Admit- Spring/Fall /Summer-Max. 4 units* College BridgeSpring /Fall-Max. 8 units* Summer-Max. 7 units*
*Exceptions may be considered. Please see Dean of Admissions, Records and Services Stephanie Murguia
Summer Session Only:
I certify, as principal, that all students recommended for Summer __________ (yr.) meet all of the following criteria:
Demonstrates adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied;
Has exhausted all opportunities to enroll in the same or an equivalent course at his/her school;
c) Complies with the requirement of allowing a max. of 5% in the total number of students enrolled
at the school’s grade level.
Principals Initials
I certify that this student would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational coursework listed above.
Counselor/Principal Signature:
Parent/Guardian Signature: Date:
Assessment test:
Admissions Staff Use Only:
Completed Incomplete
Dean of Admissions, Records & Svcs. Date
Waiver: Approved Denied Processed by: Date:
Reason for Denial:
Revised 8/10/09
Special Admit K-10
/College Bridge 11
Title 2, Chapter 5, Article 1, Section 48800 of the California Education Code provides the following guidelines for enrichment
students: The governing board of any school district may determine which students would benefit from advanced scholastic or
vocational work. The intent of this section is to provide educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible pupils,
rather than to reduce current course requirements for elementary and secondary schools.
This program is designed for K-12 students, seeking
advanced scholastic
Cerritos College definition of
“advanced scholastic
1. Courses meeting Cerritos requirements for an Associate in Arts Degree, excluding remedial English and math courses.
” is…
2. Courses that are transferable to a four-year institution.
Examples of advanced scholastic courses:
3. Vocational courses below 100 level may be taken.
English 100, Math 140, Soc 101, etc.
Examples of vocational courses: Auto 73, Cos 50, Weld 52, etc.
Limitations and Conditions of Enrollment
1. Students shall receive college credit for the community college courses that they successfully complete.
2. Students may
not enroll in pre-collegiate courses (1-99) or physical education courses.* Cerritos College has determined
that non-transferable and physical education courses are the types of courses that would not be considered
in nature.
English 20, Math 20, PE 100, etc.
3. Students may only enroll in courses
not available
4. Assessment testing is an admissions requirement for all Special Admit/College Bridge students regardless of the college
coursework the student wishes to enroll in.
to the student within their school district.
5. Students may not enroll in a college course to alleviate a high school deficiency. For instance, students who failed a course
in high school may not retake it at Cerritos College.
6. Special Admit and College Bridge students
do not
7. Students that have previously enrolled and dropped their courses and/or have received substandard grades and/or have
not made satisfactory progress will not be allowed to continue in neither the College Bridge nor Special Admit programs.
receive priority enrollment status.
*Alternate option for physical education courses only
: Auditing a course is the only other option for a student to take a physical
education course. Auditing allows the student to participate, but he/she will not receive college credit. Audit fees are not covered
by the Special Admit or College Bridge Program. All K-12 students who wish to audit a course must complete the Special Admit or
College Bridge forms.
Cerritos Community College District assumes no responsibility for the supervision of minor students outside of the classroom setting.
Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children are appropriately supervised before, after class, and if or when a
class is cancelled or dismissed at an early time. Attendance is required, but not monitored as it is in the K-12 system. Cerritos College
will not call a parent/guardian if a student is absent, nor will we verify attendance.
Additional Parental & Student Information:
Students are expected to comply with all policies and procedures of Cerritos College and Admissions, Records and Services. For
instance, a student must meet all deadlines, which are noted in the class schedule.
Important Notice: Students who do not abide to the school policies will be dropped without notice. To illustrate, a student enrolled
in a non-vocational course below 100 will be removed from the course.
Eligibility Requirements
Special Admit (K-10
Grade) College Bridge (11
& 12
New Special Admit students must take assessment tests New
College Bridge students must take assessment tests
New and Continuing Special Admit Students
New and Continuing College Bridge Students
a) G.P.A. - 2.5
Max Units: 4 units each Fall, Spring, and Summer
a) G.P.A. - 2.0
Max Units: Spring & Fall 8 units, Summer 7 units
Signatures Required from Each Listed c)
Signatures Required from Each Listed
School Counselor/Principal
School Counselor/Principal
Cerritos College Instructor
Dean of Admissions, Records & Services
Revised: 8/10/09
College Bridge/Special Admit - To Do List
Complete the Cerritos College Application either in-person or online at: www.cerritos.edu.
- Online applications: Your Cerritos College student number will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.
- In-Person applications: The Special Admit/College Bridge form must be fully completed & submitted concurrently
with an application.
Complete the Special Admit/College Bridge form
. Make sure you have all of the following:
Indicate the course(s) you are planning on enrolling. You may not enroll in pre-collegiate courses or (1-99 level)
or physical education courses. Vocational courses below 100 level may be taken.
1) Examples of vocational courses: Auto 73, Cos 50, Weld 52, etc.
2) Courses with pre-requisites - Students must place into
courses they wish to enroll.
3) High school credit may not be used for college prerequisite clearance (some exceptions may apply).
Have your school principal or authorized counselor sign and complete appropriate sections(s).
Including cumulative G.P.A
Both your parent’s signature and your signature are required.
Take the Assessment Tests
- Bring a photo ID and your Cerritos College student number.
-Assessment testing is an admissions requirement
for College Bridge & Special Admit students regardless of the
college coursework that the student wishes to enroll in.
-To view assessment test dates go to http://www.cerritos.edu/career-services/assessment-testing/
Please call (562)
860-2451, ext. 2599 for scheduling information.
Register for Classes:
-Check your (my.cerritos.edu) portal for registration appointment and enroll for courses.
Enrollment Fee*
Out of State Tuition Fee**
Student Activity Fee
Health Services Fee
Parking Fee* (Optional)
Lab Fees
Subject to legislative change
** Out of state tuition fee is applicable to only students who cannot establish legal residency within the state of
Pay Your Fees: online
, through Falcon Phone or in-person
Students found enrolled in courses level 1-99 or without proper approval from the Dean will be
dropped WITHOUT notice.
Please Note: Due to the extra application requirements for Special Admit/College Bridge students, it is strongly
recommended that students complete all of the steps listed on this page prior to their enrollment period. California
State law requires that Special Admit/College Bridge students receive a lower enrollment priority than regular college
students. While Cerritos College cannot guarantee space for Special Admit/College Bridge students, the earlier the
student completes the application process the greater their chances will be to enroll in eligible coursework at Cerritos
Submit Treatment of a Minor Form to the Admissions, Records, and Services Office.
Submit both your Assessment Test Placement Scores
& the Special Admit/College Bridge form to the
Admissions, Records, and Services Office.
To Log in: User Id: Use Student ID Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYY)
To register through Falcon phone, call (562) 865-3276
on the registration date assigned.
I:\WP\CCC\80-Pupils\Authorization to 3
Party Consent of Minor NFH 041309.doc
I am the
other person having legal custody ______________________________________
(describe legal relationship)
of ___________________________________________________________________, a minor.
(name of minor)
Date of birth: ____________________________ Student I.D. No.: _____________________
I/We hereby authorize Cerritos College Student Health Services to act as my/our agent to
consent to any X-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment, and
hospital care which is recommended by, and to be rendered under the general or special
supervision of, any licensed physician or surgeon, whether such diagnosis or treatment is
rendered at the Student Health Services facility or at a hospital.
I/We understand that this authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment,
or hospital care being required, but is given to provide authority to the above-named agent to
give consent to any and all such diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care which a licensed physician
This authorization is given pursuant to the provisions of Family Code section 6910.
I/We authorize any hospital providing treatment to the above-named minor pursuant to the
provisions of Family Code section 6910 to surrender physical custody of the minor to the above-
named agent upon the completion of treatment. This authorization is given pursuant to Health
and Safety Code section 1283.
These authorizations shall remain effective until (month and day) ________________________,
20___, unless sooner revoked in writing delivered to the agent named above.
Date: _______________________________ Time: _____________________________
Signature: ____________________________________________________________________
(circle relationship: parent/legal guardian/person having legal custody)
Signature: ____________________________________________________________________
(circle relationship: parent/legal guardian/person having legal custody)
(please fill out form on reverse of this page)
Revised: 8/10/09
I:\WP\CCC\80-Pupils\Authorization to 3
Party Consent of Minor NFH 041309.doc
Minor’s name: ________________________________________________________________
Minor’s birthdate: ______________________________________________________________
Allergies to drugs, food, insect stings or bites: ________________________________________
Medical conditions for which minor is currently being treated: ___________________________
Current medications and dosage: __________________________________________________
Restrictions on activities: ________________________________________________________
Special dietary needs: ___________________________________________________________
Primary care physician: Name: ___________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
Telephone number: ________________________________________
Insurance Company: ____________________________________________________________
ID number: _______________________________________________
Group number: ____________________________________________
Mother’s name: ________________________________________________________________
Mother’s address: ______________________________________________________________
Mother’s telephone numbers: Work ___________ Home: ___________ Other ____________
Father’s name: ________________________________________________________________
Father’s address: ______________________________________________________________
Father’s telephone numbers: Work ___________ Home: ___________ Other ____________
Revised: 8/10/09