Cerritos Community College District
Please return to the Human Resources office no later than May 31 of the previous academic year
when the academic rank is to be effective.
Name (First MI Last)
Employee ID Number
Email Address
Phone Number
Degrees Earned (List All)
According to the established guidelines for Academic Rank qualification as outlined in the Faculty
Handbook (Section II-18), I will qualify for the following rank at the beginning of the ____________
academic year:
Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor
For Human Resources Office Use
Verification of Degree(s) _____________________ Units Beyond Bachelor’s Degree ________
Years of Full-Time Teaching at an Accredited College or University _________
Vocational Experience/Credential _____________________________
Meets Criteria for Academic Rank of:
Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor
Verified by of Director of Human Resources/Risk Management ___________________________
Approval by Vice President of Academic Affairs or Vice President of Student Services
Records on file in the Human Resources Office verify that you qualify for the Academic Rank as approved
above, effective ___________ academic year.
Vice President/Assistant Superintendent Date
Original: Personnel File
CC: Vice President
HR-Academic Rank Request