Colorado Open Burning Information
Who needs an Open Burning Permit?
Campfires, non-commercial cooking fires and agricultural burning are exempted from open burn
permitting. These burns are still subject to fire district and municipal fire rules.
What materials may be burned?
Contact the Air Pollution Control Division (303) 692-3268
Who doesn’t need an Open Burning Permit?
Anyone performing a non-exempted open burn in Colorado.
Agricultural burning is the burning of water conveyance ditches and/or fields to prepare land for the
planting of COMMERCIAL CROPS. Land zoned as “agricultural” does not automatically provide
exemption from open burn permitting.
What is agricultural burning?
How do I apply for a permit?
If you wish to burn in the following counties, please contact the COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT:
Those living in counties not listed above need to apply for a STATE open burning permit through
CDPHE. There is no fee for this permit. See contact information below.
-El Paso
-Las Animas
Untreated, natural wood (sticks and branches), leaves, dry prairie grass, slash, weeds. All burns must
be performed in open piles. No burning in barrels or incinerators is allowed.
What materials are not allowed to be burned?
Tree stumps, tires, chemicals, plastic, cut lumber, construction debris, trash. Burning of these materials
produces pollution that is harmful to the environment and the health of you and your neighbors!
materials can be given away, mulched, reused or recycled.
What happens if I burn without a permit?
Air Quality Control Commission Regulation 9 provides guidelines for open burning. Burning without
a permit or burning of prohibited materials can lead to a sizable civil penalty of up to $10,000 per
day. (per C.R.S 25-7-123) GET A PERMIT BEFORE YOU BURN!
Before you burn
Check with your local fire department regarding fire safety and municipal rules.
Apply for an open burning permit with the local health department or CDPHE.
On the day of your Burn
Inform your fire department that you plan on burning.
Make sure the fire is out COLD before sundown.
Glenwood Springs Fire Department
Open Burn Requirements & Permit
101 W. 8
St. Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Phone: (970) 384-6480 Fax (970) 945-8506
Fill in all known information
Property Owner__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address / Location of Burn_________________________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Open Burning Requested___________________________________________________________________________________________
Contact Information
Address________________________________________ City_________________________________ State_______________ Zip_____________
Phone (____) ________________________ Mobile (____) _______________________
"Recreational Fires Within The Glenwood Springs Fire District" for guidance.
An inspection of the property prior to approval of the open burning permit is required. This inspection will verify compliance with
requirements for open burning. Inspections are conducted Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The applicant must be present for this inspection.
Please be prepared to conduct open burning per the
2015 International
Fire Code requirements
, State of Colorado open burning air quality
regulations and local guidelines. Where requirements vary, the more restrictive requirement shll be followed. General guidelines are:
Once the Open Burning Permit is accepted and the locations of the burn is approved, the responsible person is required to to contact
County Emergency Communications (Dispatch) at (970) 625-8095 prior to and upon completion of open burning. If burn requires
more than one day, contact will be made with Dispatch each day.
Open burning shall be conducted during daylight hours only. All
fires shall be fully extinguished at the completion of the burning operation.
Open burning shall not be conducted and will be terminated when hazardous atmospheric conditions arise, including, but not limited to, cold
fronts, red flag warnings, inversions, gusty or high winds.
Maximum pile size is 6 feet in diameter and 4 feet in height. Open burning shall not be conducted or allowed to spread to within 50 feet of a
structure or property line. This distance may be reduced to 25 feet if the pile size is reduced to 3 feet in diameter and two feet in height.
A reliable and sufficient water source and/or fire extinguishing equipment approved by this Department is required.
A responsible adult, knowledgeable and capable in the use of the fire extinguishing equipment and burn permit requirements, shall
constantly attend open burning. The attendant shall supervise the burning material until it is extinguished. Telephone communication
shall be present to enable the attendant to request fire department response should the fire get out of control.
This permit shall be retained on site by the attendant and be shown on request to Fire Deparmtent official or law enforecment officer.
Open burning will be terminated by order of the Fire Chief or his designee any time an offensive or hazardous condition is cre
ated for the
surrounding property.
Colorado State Air Quality permit required; obtain at
Version.pdf BEFORE Fire Department site inspection.
The conditions of this permit create no liability for the City of Glenwood Springs or the Glenwood Springs Rural Fire Protection District. The
applicant agrees to conduct open burning within the conditions of this permit. Per Colorado Statute, the applicant may be held liable for
damage, cost of extinguishment and legal fees brought about by loss of control of his/her open burn.
Applicant Signature _____________________________________________________________________________
This permit is valid for 14 consecutive days. Renewal of an expired permit may be granted at the discretion of the Fire Chief, and may
require another inspection of the site. No open burning permits issued during high fire season.
Submit Monday-Thursday to the Fire Marshal's Office at, fax (970) 945-8506 or drop off at 806 Cooper Avenue, Glenwood Springs CO
Fire Department Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Date Received: _____________________ By: ____________________ Permit #___________________________
Permit Picked Up by:________________________________________________Representing:_________________________________
Inspector: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Inspection:__________________________________________ Permit Approved _____________ Permit Denied ______________
Open Burning NOT allowed on Red Flag days as advised by dispatch.
This permit application is intended for agricultural or fire mitigation purposes. Persons wishing to conduct a recreational fire please refer to
Open burning of rubbish, trash, paper products and construction debris is prohibited. Only untreated, natural wood, leaves, dry prairie
grass,slash and weeds may be burned.
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