Leaving Certificate 2020 subject entry for which the school
cannot sign off on an estimated mark
The principal or deputy principal should complete this form in any case where:
a student enrolled in the school is entered for an additional subject being studied outside of the
school, and
the student has not withdrawn from the subject, and
the school is NOT satisfied that there is sufficient evidence available to them to stand over any
estimated mark that could be provided.
If this form is completed, the student may not receive a result for this subject. If the school CAN
stand over an estimated mark, complete Form C instead.
Note: These forms should be retained securely with the other documentation and may be
requested from the schools later in the process.
Student, subject and level details
Student’s name:
Student’s examination number:
School roll number:
Tutor’s name:
Tutor registered with the Teaching Council?
Note: This is not an essential requirement.
Reason for inability to sign off on an estimate
No tutor involved
Yes No
Unable to establish necessary contact with tutor
Yes No
Insufficient evidence on which to base an estimate
Yes No
Yes No
Form D
Please provide additional details to elaborate on the reason(s) above, as appropriate. For example,
note attempts to establish contact, or reasons for unavailability of sufficient evidence
I confirm that:
I have made all reasonable efforts to establish sufficient evidence on which to base an
estimated mark.
It has not proven possible to do so.
Deputy Principal
The above declaration must be signed. If the form is completed digitally, then it must be printed out
and signed.
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