Leaving Certificate 2020 Estimate percentage mark
Read the two documents A Guide to Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate Students 2020 and
Guide to Schools on Providing Estimated Percentage Marks and Rank Orderings before
completing this form. Complete one copy for each student in the class.
Do not divulge the estimated marks or rank orders to the students or discuss your assessment of
their likely performance with them in any way.
1. Student, subject and level details
Student’s name:
Student’s examination number:
Level, as confirmed to school by DES:
Teacher’s name:
School roll number:
2. Relevant information considered
I have taken account of all relevant information available to me about this student’s achievement
levels in the subject over senior cycle as follows
my experience of working with the student in class, and the quality of
their assignments and key assignments (LCA)
Yes not applicable
my own records of the student’s work, level of achievement
Yes not applicable
marks, grades, and other subject-specific information available on the
school’s centralised data system
Yes not applicable
the quality of work demonstrated in any partially or fully completed
Leaving Certificate examination coursework
Yes not applicable
In addition, when determining the estimated percentage mark submitted,
I have taken account of any bonus marks that the student would have
received for answering through Irish.
Yes not applicable
I have based my estimate on the assumption that any approved
reasonable accommodations would have been made available.
Yes not applicable
3. Estimated percentage mark
Insert the overall percentage mark that you believe that this student would have achieved if the
disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus had never arisen. The estimate should reflect composite
overall performance in the subject, with each component of the examination (written, practical,
coursework, oral, aural) being considered in accordance with its proper weighting.
Estimated percentage mark:
Note: please sign overleaf
Form A
4. Declaration regarding the school’s estimated mark
I confirm that:
I have made all reasonable efforts to assemble as much of the relevant information as
I have given due consideration both to the data and to my experience of working with this
I have reflected on the degree to which previous groups of students I taught have achieved
Leaving Certificate grades that met my expectations
I have participated in the process to assure alignment of standards among teachers of the
same subject in the school
following these considerations, the estimate is the schools considered professional judgment
as to the overall percentage mark that this student is most likely to have achieved if the
disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus had never arisen, school had proceeded as usual,
and examinations had taken place as usual.
The above declaration must be signed. If the form is completed digitally, then it must be printed out
and signed.
5. Conflict of interest
This section should only be completed where a perceived or real conflict of interest has been
identified in relation to giving an estimated mark.
I confirm that:
Arrangements appropriate to the circumstances have been made, and
I have provided additional oversight and approval on the estimated mark.
Deputy Principal
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