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11/17 RLP/KDM
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Application for Certificate of
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Completion (-45 credits) Proficiency (45+ credits)
Instructions: This application is to be signed by the faculty advisor before submitting to the
Registration Office.
The Certificate will not be awarded until the end of the quarter in which it was received.
Candidate’s name as it should appear on the certificate:
First Name Middle Name or Initial Last Name
Student ID #: ________________________ Social Security # ____________________________
Title of the program for which the certificate is being issued:
The total number of credit hours earned to complete the certificate: ________
Date/QTR of Completion: __________________
Certificates will be mailed to address indicated below.
Student address: __________________________________________________
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Phone (_________) _____________________________
Advisor’s Signature (required) _________________________________________________
Student Signature ______________________________________ Date ________________
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tificate Graduation List ______ Master Graduation List ______ Intent Code
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