Associate in Sciences (AS-T) Application
View Distribution List for Transfer Degrees
Candidate’s name as you want it to appear on the diploma:
This form must be received in the
gistration Office at least forty-five days
or to the end of the quarter you plan to
graduate. The exact deadline can be
found in the class schedule.
What Quarter do you plan to graduate?
First Name Middle Name or Initial Last Name
Address City State Zip Code
Note: Do Not Write Beyond This Point
General Requirements
1. Minimum of 90 credits earned: LCC credits earned ________
a. Courses numbered 100 and above (grade of D or better)
b. Maximum of 15 pass/fail credits (see catalog for limitations) LCC credits in progress ________
c. Maximum of 15 combined 288, 289 and 299 credits
d. Maximum of 3 PHED activity credits Credits earned from another institution ________
Grade point average of 2.00 on courses numbered 100 and above Yes ______ No ______
Two quarters in residence, including the last quarter
Yes ______ No ______
At least 24 credits earned at LCC
Yes ______ No ______
5. Communications (5 credits)
ENGL& 101 ______
6. Mathematics (10 credits)
MATH& 151 ______ and MATH& 152 _______
Humanities/Social Sciences (15 credits)
- Distribution List
Selected from at least three disciplines on the Distribution List for Transfer Degrees. A minimum of 5 credits in Humanities and a
minimum of 5 credits in Social Science and an additional 5 credits in either Humanities or Social Science in a different discipline.
Humanities (5 credit minimum) ______________ Social Sciences (5 credit minimum) ________________
Humanities/Social Sciences (additional 5 credits minimum) _____________________________________
8. Diversity (5 credit minimum) must be completed from courses on the Diversity List. Courses satisfying this requirement may also
be used to satisfy other graduation requirements.
Completion of the program of Pre-Major requirements.
Electives (10-15 credits) – Sufficient additional college-level credits to meet the 90 credit minimum. These remaining credits must
include advisor approved credits.
Date Application Received ___________________________ Application Approved __________
Application Disapproved _____________________________ Signature ____________________
Yes N
Quarter ______
Year ______
Summer Completion? o
Your Student ID # __________________________ and Social Security # __________________________
Your Telephone # _________________________ Email _____________________________________________________________________
____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
Advisor’s Name - (Signature not required) Course of study (major) at the time of graduation
Have you earned a High School Diploma? Yes No If no, would you like Lower Columbia College to issue you a High School Diploma? Yes
If you would like to be issued a High School Diploma: Are you a current Running Start student? Yes No
you age 21 or older? Yes No
Form Revised 11/17 RLP/KDM
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