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Revised 4/13/18
Cerritos Community College
Course Prefix, Number, and Name: ___________________________________________________
(Example: DANC 105, Introduction to Dance Movement)
Date Course Outline of Record was Last Approved by Curriculum Committee: ______________
Total Units: _____ Number of Lecture Hours/Week: _____ Number of Lab Hours/Week: ______
Submitted by: ____________________________________________ Date: _________________
(Faculty Name)
Departmental Approval for Submission for Extensive Laboratory Classification
Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: _________________
(Department Chair)
Courses submitted for Extensive Laboratory Status will be evaluated based on evidence of the following:
Pre-laboratory Activity
1. Curriculum development for each lab.
2. Published schedule of individual laboratory activities.
3. Published laboratory Student Learning Outcomes.
4. Published methods of evaluation.
5. Published laboratory objectives.
6. The laboratory requires extensive student preparation from text and lecture material prior to during
and after each laboratory session.
7. Supervision of equipment maintenance, laboratory setup, acquisition of lab materials and supplies, field
trip logistics, or preparation to ensure a safe environment conducive to learning.
During-laboratory Activity
1. Instructor is actively engaged in lab when students are performing lab activities.
2. Instructor is responsible for active facilitation of laboratory learning.
3. Instructor is responsible for active delivery of curriculum.
4. Instructor is responsible for significant evaluation of student work.
Post-laboratory Activity
1. Instructor is responsible for personal evaluation of significant student outcomes (lab exercises, exams,
practicals, notebooks, portfolios, etc.) that become a component of the student grade that cover the
majority of lab exercises performed during the course.
Office Use Only
Received by Academic Affairs: __________________
Semester and Date: __________________
Date of ELC Review: __________________
Notified Division Dean: __________________
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