International Rules: Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs 2020–2021, Page 1
Animal Sciences o
Behavioral and Social o
Biochemistry o
Biomedical and Health o
Biomedical Engineering o
Cellular & Molecular Biology o
Chemistry o
Computational Biology and o
Earth & Environmental o
Embedded Systems o
Energy: Sustainable o
Materials and Design
Engineering Mechanics o
Environmental Engineering o
Materials Science o
Mathematics o
Microbiology o
Physics and Astronomy o
Plant Sciences o
Robotics & Intelligent o
Systems Software o
Translational Medical o
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ISEF Sample Abstract & Certification
1. As a part of this research project, the student directly handled, manipulated, or interacted with (check
all that apply):
o human participants o potentially hazardous biological agents
o vertebrate animals o microorganisms orDNA otissue
2. This abstract describes only procedures performed by me/us, relects my/our own independent
research, and represents one year’s work only.
o yes o no
3. I/We worked or used equipment in a regulated research institution or industrial setting.
o yes o no
4. This project is a continuation of previous research.
o yes o no
5. My display board includes non-published photographs/visual depictions of humans (other than
o yes o no
6. I/We hereby certify that the abstract and responses to the above statements are correct and properly
relect my/our own work.
o yes o no
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