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Note: A maximum of 39 units may be certified as having fulfilled the CSU lower division General Education Requirements, with
the units to be distributed as follows: Nine (9) units in AREA A; Thirty (30) units in areas B, C, and D with 9 units in each area;
Three (3) units in AREA E. A grade of “C” or better is required in AREA A and AREA B3.
A. Communications (9 unit minimum)
1. Oral (one course)
2. Written (one course)
3. Critical Thinking (one course)
Total Units: Area A
____ The courses listed above fully/will fully satisfy the 39 unit lower division requirements outlined in TITLE 5– Section 40405
(Note that courses marked IN PROGRESS must be verified as complete with an official transcript.)
____ The courses listed above partially satisfy the 39 unit lower division requirements outlined in TITLE 5– Section 40405
C. Fine Arts & Humanities (9 unit minimum)
1. Fine Arts (one course)
2. Humanities (one course)
3. One Additional– Fine Arts or (one course)
Total Units: Area C
D. Social Sciences (9 unit minimum)
1. American History + (one course)
2. American Government ++ (one course)
3. Social, Political Science, His- (one course)
torical, and Economic Institutions
Total Units: Area D
Total Units: Area E
B. Natural Science & Mathematics (9 unit minimum—one science lab required) LAB
1. Physical Science (one course)
2. Biological Science (one course)
3. Mathematical Concepts (one course)
Total Units: Area B
CSU Requirements established under TITLE 5– Section 40404 are met for:
+ _____ U.S. History ++_____The Constitution of the United States and principles of state and local government.
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Total Units to be Certified (Maximum 39)
Note: Pass Along
39 Unit General Education Certification
For the California State University
Area Area Requirements Courses Completed Units
Total Units Areas: B, C, & D (Maximum 30)
# In Progress: Term:
E. Self Development (3 unit minimum)