College of Arts - Dean’s Office
Faculty Research Seed Fund: Application Form
Scholar Type (Untenured Faculty, Tenured Faculty, CLA, Postdoc):
Project title:
Project dates:
Total funds requested (maximum $1,500):
Other questions
1. Does this project require Ethics Board approval (e.g. does it include human subjects)?
If yes, have you received the relevant Ethics Board approval? (Please attach.)
2. Have you been awarded COA Faculty Research Seed Funding in the past?
If yes, what did you do with the funding and what impact did it have? Have you
subsequently submitted an application to an external SSHRC competition?
3. Do you require funding from other sources in order to properly complete this activity?
If so, to what other sources of funding have you applied/do you intend to apply?
Project Description (maximum 1 page):
Please address the importance of this activity to your broader research/creation plans and, where
relevant, considerations to do with quality, e.g. refereeing.
Budget (maximum 1 page):
Please provide itemized budget details. The adjudication committee prefers to see concrete and
specific budgets with appropriate justification.
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