City of Diamond Bar Recreation Services
1600 Grand Avenue, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Mailing Address: 21810 Copley Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
909.839.7078 909.839.7070 Fax: 909.612.4580
Proposals must be completely filled out in order to be considered for the Summer 2021 season.
Proposals are due by Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 4 p.m. to the Diamond Bar Center or via email to If it is a new class, proposals need to include a weekly syllabus.
Late proposals will NOT be accepted.
Instructor Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________ Cell: _______________________ FAX: ________________________
Which phone number/email may we release to the public? ________________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________ Website: ______________________________________
Assistant Name: ___________________________ Phone: ________________________________________
Please note: All sub-contractors and volunteers working must be fingerprinted
Class Title: __________________________________________________ Number of Weeks: ____________
Class Description: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Desired Class Location: _________________________________________________________________________________
Please list security and protocols for online platforms: ____________________________________________________
*Dates classes not held because of holiday or vacation: Holidays/Facility Closures May 31, July 4-5,
September 6-10
Please list any additional personal dates _________________________________________________________________________
Class Fee: $_____ + $10 Administrative fee = $_____ (The City will add a $10 administrative fee. An additional
$5 non-resident fee will be added in for non residents. You will be compensated for 60% of the original class
fee. i.e. If you charge $10 for a class, the City adds $10 making the total class fee $20 or $25 for non-
residents. You will be paid 60% of the $10, or $6.)
Material Fee (detailed description on reverse side): $________
Class Minimum: _____ Class Maximum: _____ (All classes held at the Diamond Bar Center require a 3 person minimum)
Room Set up/Equipment Required: _______________________________________________________________
Students Should Supply: _________________________________________________________________________
Desired Start Date Desired End Date* Day of Week Start and End Time Age Group Session
Completing this form is NOT a confirmation that your class has been approved.
Submittal of a proposal is not a guarantee your class will be accepted. Classes chosen to run are determined
based on a variety of factors including: instructor credentials, community need, facility availability, and cost.
Please note that classes will not be held on any City observed holidays without staff approval.
No additional classes other than what is advertised in the brochure will be permitted.
Classes that are cancelled due to low or no enrollment for two consecutive quarters will no longer be
All instructors, assistants and substitutes are required to be fingerprinted.
The City handles all registration for classes. Instructors are not permitted to collect fees with the
exception of supply fees. 100% of supply fee goes to the instructor.
The City will pay the instructor 60% of the total enrollment fees collected, minus the $10.00 City
administrative fee.
Instructors will be required to attend one orientation meeting per year in order to teach with the City.
Independent Contract Instructors will not discriminate against any employee, volunteer, participant or
student due to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, physical or
mental handicap, marital status, veteran status or age.
I have read and understand the above policies and understand that completing this form is not a
confirmation that my class(es) has been approved. I further understand that I must sign an Agreement for
Recreation Services Instruction prior to teaching.
Signature:___________________________________________ Date: ________________________
Material Fee: $_____________
If your class has a material fee, please provide an itemized list below.
Item with brief description Cost per unit
Class fee per person: $__________
*Administrative Fee: $ +10.00
Total: $__________
If you would like to offer additional classes, please attach and
submit additional Proposals to this form.
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