Submitted to Portland Development Corporation, c/o Economic Development Dept.
City of Portland, 389 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101 (207) 874-8683
Business Owner(s):
Business Name(s):
Trade Name(s):
Principal Place of Business (Address) Street:
City: State: Zip:
Business Phone: Cell Phone:
Fax: Email:
Business Structure
Limited Partnership
Sole Proprietorship
Limited Liability Co.
General Partnership
Date Established: Taxpayer ID#
Nature of Business:
Bank Name: Loan Officer Name:
Loan Officer Telephone Number:
Name of Accountant: Name of Attorney:
Amount of Loan Requested: $ Term Requested:
Sources of Loan/Grant Proceeds ($)
Uses of Loan Proceeds ($)
City of Portland/PDC: ______________
Bank: ______________
Applicant: ______________
Other: ______________
TOTAL: ______________
Land & Bldg:____________ Mach. & Equip.:________
Renovations/Fit-up:_______ Permanent Working
Architectural/ Capital:________________
Engineering:___________ Other:_________________
Description of Business (include products and/or services, competition, industry conditions):
Schedule of Collateral
Mach. &
Furniture &
Purchase Price
Date Purchased
Present Market
Present Loan
Financial Summary
Does business or business owner owe any outstanding property taxes, fees, or liens to the City of
Portland? _______ If yes, please explain:
Is business or business owner involved in any pending lawsuits? _______ If yes, please explain:
Has business or business owner ever been involved in bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings?
If yes, please explain:
Please state reason(s) why this project is not feasible without City of Portland/PDC loan participation:
Business Trade References
Credit Extended ($)
Supporting Documentation Checklist
The following items should accompany the completed application, unless otherwise noted:
1. Project scope, including relevant plans and specifications if applicable.
2. Brief history of the company and resumes of owners/managers (include business plan if new business).
3. Three (3) years of historical financial statements or tax returns (corporate and personal).
4. Current (within 90 days) financial statements.
5. Projected financial statements (at least one [1] year).
6. Personal financial statement(s) (owners/guarantors).
7. Existing debt schedule (include creditor names, amount, terms)
8. Letter(s) of commitment for bank/private financing with terms and conditions.
9. Copy of lease (building owners include copies of all tenant leases), option on land or title opinion letter.
10. Any available market data demonstrating the project’s economic feasibility.
Certification, Credit Authorization, and Confidentiality of Records
To the best of my knowledge, the above information is accurate, and I (we) understand that any false or misleading information I (we)
provide may lead to my (our) disqualification form this program. I (we) authorize the City of Portland and/or Portland Development
Corporation to make whatever credit inquiries it deems necessary to verify the accuracy of the information provided in connection
with the review of this credit application.
I (we) hereby request that information provided by me (us) and developed by the City of Portland and/or the Portland Development
Corporation, or its staff or agents, with respect to this application for financial assistance be designated confidential and not open for
public inspection, pursuant to 5 M.R.S.A. Section 13119 et sq.
Certain records of the City of Portland and/or the Portland Development Corporation are designated CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL
NOT BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC INSPECTION. This includes the disclosure of tax or financial information; our
assessment of creditworthiness or financial condition; records obtained by the City of Portland and/or the Portland Development
Corporation in connection with the monitoring or servicing of an existing project; proprietary information; and, information regarding
the financial status of the application.
Dated: Signature of Applicant:
Title, Company Name (if appropriate)
Dated: Signature of Co-Applicant:
Title, Company Name (if appropriate)
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