This Joint Use Agreement is entered into by and between the City of Happy Valley, a municipal corporation of the
State of Oregon, hereinafter call the City and
(Name of Club/ Sports Organization)
The purpos
e of this agreement is to provide for the cooperative use and maintenance of the City of Happy Valley
Park sports fields. A map of the sports fields is attached.
This agreement is effective ____________________________ to ______________________________
The City agrees to provide the following maintenance:
Clean and maintain restrooms & furnish restroom supplies
Maintain the irrigation system
Mow, trim, and seed fields
Maintain all fencing
Maintain all water fountains
Provide garbage cans and dumpsters
The sp
orts organization agrees to:
Reserve fields and pay set fees prior to use
No transference of field reservations to another league, organization or club
Provide the City with copies of Team Rosters
Follow all Park Rules as set in Ordinance 222.
Stripe and line fields (Soccer and Football) and stripe, line and drag infields (Baseball)
Monitor fields for trash
Designate and advise the City of an individual who will be an “Organization Representative”
Assign a team representative who will monitor bathrooms during organized events
Contact and obtain approval of City prior to any maintenance or service work on the fields
Contact and obtain approval of the City prior to any erection and/or building of any structure in the park
Will provide the City with proof of General Liability coverage which names the City of Happy Valley, its
Elected and Appointed Officials, Officers, Agents, Employees, and Volunteers are covered as Additional
Insured using the appropriate endorsement
Failure of the club/organization to abide by these above conditions may result in suspension of field use.
“I the undersigned agree to the following terms and conditions of this permit:
Indemnification: Permittee agrees to indemnify, save and hold harmless City, its councilors, officers, agents,
employees and insurers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “City”) from and against any and all liability claims,
demands, damages, expenses, fees (including attorneys', accountants', and paralegal fees), fines, penalties, suits,
proceedings, actions, and causes of action (collectively "Costs") which may be imposed upon or incurred by the
City due to the acts or omissions of Permittee, its employees, agents or others subject to its direction or control.
Duty to Defend: Permittee, at its sole expense, agrees to defend any and all actions, suits, and proceedings (with
counsel acceptable to City) relating to matters covered by the indemnity set forth above which may be brought
Date Received: ____________________ Deposit Amount Paid: $ ______________________
APPROVED- Application Complete Remaining Balance: $_________________________________
DENIED - Reason for denial: _________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________ ___
Signature of COHV Employee Date
Invoice Sent: ______________________________ Balance Received: ____________________________________
against the City or in which the City may be impleaded, and shall satisfy, pay, and discharge any and all judgments,
orders, and decrees that may be entered against the City in any such action or proceeding.
Evidence of Insurance: Permittee shall provide evidence of insurance to the City with the City, its elected and
appointed officials, officers, agents and employees named as an Additional Insured. Permittee shall provide
evidence of General Liability of not less than $2,000,000 combined single limit, per occurrence, for injury or death to
any person or damage to property and $2 million aggregate.
Warranty of Authority: The individuals executing this Agreement on behalf of Permittee warrant that they have
full authority to execute this Indemnification Agreement on behalf of Permittee.”
Signed: ___________________________________________, Applicant/Responsible Party
____________________________________________________________ _____________________________
(Name of Club/Organization) (Date)
___________________________________________ ______________________________________________
(Phone number) (Email)
Signed: _________________________________________________, _____________________________
(COHV Employee) (Date)