Pre-application conferences are required for all development proposals that
require land use approvals and for most commercial building improvements. The
purpose of the meeting is to help the applicant through the land use and permit
process. The City is represented by staff from City Planning, Building and
Engineering Departments, as well as a representative from Clackamas Fire
District #1, Water Environment Services and Sunrise Water Authority.
The following information
is to be completed by City of Happy
Valley Staff:
Appt. Date: ____________
Appt. Time: ____________
Rec’d By: _____________
Engineering: ___________
Planning: ______________
Fire: __________________
WES: _________________
Sunrise Water: __________
The following information is to be completed by
the Applicant:
Today’s Date: __________
Project Address (or assessor’s map and tax lot):
Name: ________________________________
Company: _____________________________
Address: ______________________________
Phone: _____________ Cell: _____________
Fax: _________________________________
E-mail: _______________________________
Brief proposal description: _____________________________________________
1. Appointments must be made no less than ten (10) days in advance of the
desired appointment date. A maximum of three, one hour appointments
are scheduled every Tuesday afternoon on a first come-first-serve basis.
2. Please see the accompanying Pre-application Conference and Procedures
on the back of this page for further information and clarifying details.
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