The Cerritos College Student Activities (CCSA) sticker provides each student
with a photo ID and a current semester sticker that is recognized throughout the campus
and at selected off-campus venues. This is an important and valuable part of campus life
and the money raised with this fee supports and promotes many of the colleges programs
and services.
A valid CCSA with current semester sticker serves as the Cerritos College Library
card, expediting access to library book check out and it acts as a money card for photo
copies. The CCSA is also used around campus to provide easier access to many services
on campus including, but not limited to, the Learning Resource Center/Library, Language
Labs, Student Health Services, Computer Lab and Athletic events. Students without a
valid CCSA card will be asked to provide proof of current semester registration along
with a government issued photo ID and verification of current address. Cerritos College
students with CCSA also receive discounts at local businesses such as many movie
theatres, museums, and recreational and cultural events.
If this is your first semester, CCSA pictures are taken in the Photo ID Center
located at the back of the Student Activities Center/Game Room; any semester after that,
you may renew your card automatically when you register and a new semester sticker
will either be mailed to you or you may pick one up in Admissions & Records or in the
Photo ID Center.
Discount Services:
Movie Tickets (AMC, Regal and Pacific), Knott’s Berry Farm, Soak City, Halloween
Haunt (seasonal), Pre-game reception, Free admittance to Athletic events, discount
theatre tickets at Cerritos College, Free Food events (In-n-Out, Arby’s, Chick-fil-a, Pizza
and others), discounts at local good locations, museums, recreational and cultural events
and many more.
A list of the programs and services that the card provides for are listed below:
Speech and Debate Program, Music Department: Concerts and Choral Festivals, Theatre
Department, Fine Arts Department, Art Gallery, Photography, Financial Aid, Athletics
Department, Journalism/Newspaper Program, Culinary Arts Program, Vocational
Education Programs: (Automotive, Woodworking. etc.), Cosmetology Program, Health
Occupations: (Nursing, Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, Speech-Language
Pathology, Physical Therapist Assistant, Medical Assisting, Dental Hygiene Child
Development, etc.), Math League, Scholars Honors Program, Administration of Justice,
Dance Program, Learning Communities, WPMD Broadcasting Program, Pep Band,
International Students Program and much more . . .
Activities and Events:
Fall and Spring Concerts, Early Bird Specials, Halftime entertainment (Football and
Basketball), Senate Elections, Presidential Elections, Club Information Days and Nights
Welcome Days and Nights, Pre-Game Reception, Hoe Down Western Days (Spring),
Homecoming (Fall), Orientations, Fall and Spring Awards Banquets, Student Leadership
Conference (application available fall semester), Student Handbook, Cinco De Mayo
Women’s History Month, Career Day, College Day, Native American Day, African
American History Day, Constitution Day, Asian/Pacific Islander Day, Inter-Club
Council: Helps promote and support campus clubs and organizations, [Clubs and
Organizations: M.E.Ch.A., Alpha Gamma Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), Phi Beta
Lambda (Business Club), Psi Beta (Psychology Club), Puente Club, Black Student
Union, International Students, Gay Straight Alliance, Chicanos/Latinos for Community
Medicine (CCM), Child Development, S.P.I.C.E (Single Parents In College for
Excellent), Rotaract, Nursing (SNAC), Dental Assistants, Future Dentist, Political
Science Club, Math Club, Campus Crusade for Christ, Disabled Student Community
Club, Court Reporting Club, Economics Club] and many more…
If you are not currently involved with any of these groups, please remember that your
fellow students may benefit academically and otherwise from many of these
opportunities and programs. If you have any questions, contact the Student Activities
Office at 562.860.2451 x2475
Thanks for your support!!
Cerritos College Student Activities Fee Waiver Form
1. Complete form and take to the Student Activities Office for Verification.
2. After Student Activities take to Admissions and Records for processing of your refund.
3. You must complete one and two in order to get a refund.
I _____________________, Student Id Number ____________understand by waiving the Cerritos College
Student Activities Fee I will not be eligible to participate in many of the academic, cultural, and social events
and activities offered by the Associated Students of Cerritos College.
I understand that the Student Activities Fee would provide easier access, additional
convenience and services across the campus, in the community and much more.
I also waive my right to participate in Student Body elections and awards programs held each semester.
I understand that the money collected from the Student Activities Fee supports many of the
programs and services at Cerritos College which I choose not to participate in or support.
________________________________ __________________________________
Full Name of Student Signature of Student
Date Fees were paid by Student New Student: ______ Continuing Student: _____
You have seven (7) working days from the time you pay your fees to return this form to the Admissions
and Records Office for a refund. Just remember to take to Student Activities first for signatures.
*As a continuing student you must take your current ID card with you to verify it does not have a
current semester sticker, and
**If the sticker has been marked for any activity or event the fee is non-refundable.
***No refund will be given later than the second week of the session.
For office use only!!
Please initial next to the appropriate item(s) as they apply to the individual listed above.
____ Student Presented ID Card ____ Student states, never had a ID Card
____ No Current Semester Sticker
____Removed Current Semester Sticker
______________________________________________ ________________________
Student Activities Employee Date waiver verified
______________________________________________ ________________________
Admissions Employee Date refund recorded
(completed forms will be maintained by the Office of Student Activities)