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Graduate Student Compassionate Bursary Fund
The Graduate Student’s Association (GSA) has arranged for all graduate students to donate $3.04 per semester to a trust
fund that can contribute to the costs students may have as a result of unexpected emergency/compassionate
circumstances. The University of Guelph matches the student contributions to the fund each semester. The fund normally
provides up to $2,000 for expenses that are incurred due to extenuating circumstances. Typical examples include: travel
expenses due to a death or illness of an immediate family member (spouse/common-law partner/child/parent/sibling);
travel to arrange a permanent change in parental obligations, including adoption; emergency living costs during family
breakdown/dissolution; emergency food, living and/or school supplies required as a result of a delay in external agency
support; emergency surgery for self or immediate family member (spouse/child); uninsured loss due to fire, theft, or
accident. Students are encouraged to apply with any emergency situation.
Any registered student may contact a Graduate Scholarships Officer in the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
(OGPS), prior to making an application for support. The Graduate Scholarships Officer will assist students in finding
any other possible sources of support as well as making an initial determination of the amount of support available from
this fund. The student may be asked to fill out a Student Needs Assessment form to assist in this determination but it
will be required in a request for emergency food money. Documents supporting the application, such as police reports,
medical notes or proof of circumstance, should also be submitted.
The Director OGPS has the authority to allocate funds from the Bursary Fund but may ask the Management Committee
for assistance when applicable. Similarly, a student may appeal to the Management Committee if they are unsatisfied
with the Director’s decision. The Management Committee consists of the GSA Vice-President of Finance, the International
Student Advisor, the Associate Registrar of Student Financial Services and the Director of the Office of Graduate Studies.
Student Information
First Name
y of Guelph email
Last Name
Student ID
Graduate degree program
Primary Advisor
Emergency Si
tuation (you may attach additional pages if necessary)
Amount Requested
Attachments: Please include supporting documentation (i.e. medical slips or bills, invoices, etc.)
I understand that this application, and any information I provide about my personal emergency circumstances, will be held
in confidence in the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. I also understand that, if necessary, the Management
Committee may discuss my application prior to a decision on the acceptance and amount of the bursary application.
udent Signature Date
Protection of Privacy: We are committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information is collected under the authority
of the University of Guelph Act and pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). If you
have questions about the use and disclosure of your personal information, call the Office of Graduate Studies at (519)
824-4120 ext. 56833 or visit the Office of Graduate Studies website
. For further information about access to information
and protection of privacy at the University of Guelph, visit the University Secretariat website.
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