CAUSE OF ACTION—Breach of Contract
Cross - ComplaintATTACHMENT TO Complaint
(Use a separate cause of action form for each cause of action.)
BC-1. Plaintiff (name):
alleges that on or about (date):
other (specify):
agreement was made between (name parties to agreement):
A copy of the agreement is attached as Exhibit A, or
are stated in Attachment BC-1The essential terms of the agreement are as follows (specify):
BC-2. On or about (dates):
the acts specified in Attachment BC-2
defendant breached the agreement by
the following acts
BC-3. Plaintiff has performed all obligations to defendant except those obligations plaintiff was prevented or
excused from performing.
BC-4. Plaintiff suffered damages legally (proximately) caused by defendant's breach of the agreement
as stated in Attachment BC-4 as follows (specify):
BC-5. Plaintiff is entitled to attorney fees by an agreement or a statute
of $
according to proof.
BC-6. Other:
CAUSE OF ACTION—Breach of Contract
Code of Civil Procedure, § 425.12
Form Approved for Optional Use
Judicial Council of California
PLD-C-001(1) [Rev. January 1, 2007]
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