Building Regulations
The Building Act 1984
The Building Regulations 2010
Guidance Notes
This application form is for Full Plans, Building Notice or Regularisation applications.
Please read the notes carefully before completing the form on page 3.
General Guidance
Please note it is the owner of the building and their builder‘s responsibility to comply with the Building
Regulations. Persons carrying out building work or making a change of use of a building are reminded that
permission may also be required under the Town and Country Planning Act, Highways Act, Housing Act,
Public Health Act, etc.
Charges & Quotations
Please refer to the Building Regulation fees leaflets for a full list of charges of all types of Building
Control applications.
All of our charges & quotations will cover pre-application advice, plan check where applicable, all necessary
site inspections and issue of electronic completion certificate.
Exemption from charges may be obtained where the works are solely for the benefit of persons with disabilities
living at the premises. Please provide a copy of the approved grant letter provided by Environmental Health or
a letter from your Occupational Therapist indicating your disabilities and reason for the work.
Cheques should be made payable to Oxford City Council. Credit or debit card payments can also be made by
calling 01865 252807. Please note, credit card payments will incur a 1.5% surcharge.
Following receipt of your application you will be informed of the elements of the project we wish to inspect.
Where further visits are requested by the applicant or builder, in addition to those specified within the receipt
letter, or the Building Control surveyor identifies necessary enforcement visits, an additional fee of £54+VAT
per visit will be charged.
Completion Certificates
Following satisfactory completion of the building work, Building Control will issue an electronic completion
certificate confirming that your project has been inspected and that, as far as it can be ascertained, it complies
with the Building Regulations. You will need this certificate when you wish to sell your property.
Time Limits
A Full Plans submission or a Building Notice shall cease to have effect three years after it has been deposited
with the Local Authority unless Building Control has carried out a commencement inspection before the
expiry of that period.
Electrical Installations
Part P of the Building Regulations requires that all notifiable, domestic electrical installations are designed and
installed to protect people against injury and fire.
Where these works are carried out by an Approved Installer registered under the Government’s Competent
Person Scheme a Building Regulation application is not required.
Where these works are carried out by an Installer qualified to inspect and test the work by issuing a BS7671
certificate, but not registered on a Part P Competent Person Scheme, a Building Regulation application is
required and an administrative fee is payable. Proof of the electrician’s qualification will be required.
Where these works are undertaken by a person who cannot issue BS7671 certification (DIY installation), a
Building Regulation application is required. The Local Authority will arrange for a third party inspection and
testing of the electrical installation and a fee is payable.
Building Control, St Aldates Chambers, 109-113 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DS
e. t. 01865 252807
Full Plans Applications
Full plans applications can be deposited for all building work, but must be used for work to premises that are
classed as a relevant use. Relevant use means all premises other than a single dwelling unit as defined by
the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
You must submit the application form, the relevant fee and two copies of detailed plans. Building Control will
assess the information against the requirements of the Building Regulations, carry out any consultations and
communicate to you or your agent any areas that need addressing or where further information is required.
Building Control will carry out the designated number of site inspections during the construction period. You
are allowed to start work before your application is approved, but it is deemed that you are working at your
own risk and works not in accordance with the subsequent approved plans may require amending or
The benefit of this type of application is the comfort of having an approved plan to work with, which when
followed will satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations.
The Local Authority must reach a decision on your application within 8 weeks of submission and it is our
intention to provide an initial response within 15 working days. A fully detailed submission is likely to lead to a
faster turnaround on your application.
Full plans will be approved, conditionally approved or rejected. Where a full plans application is withdrawn or
rejected, no further charges are payable on re-submission of the application if it is the same proposed work.
Once we have approved your plans you will receive an electronic approval notice.
Building Notice Applications
Building notice applications can only be used for works to domestic dwellings and it is advised they are only
used for minor works.
This type of application requires you to submit the application form, the relevant fee and any drawings and
technical information. When used for the erection or extension of a dwelling a site plan of 1:1250 scale,
showing the position of the building or building as extended, the property boundaries and width and positions
of adjoining streets must be submitted. The Local Authority can request such details be supplied when
considered necessary, i.e. a Structural Engineer’s calculations and details for structural alterations.
Building Notice applications do not receive a formal approval and any details submitted are not approved by
the Local Authority. Therefore, this application process places a greater emphasis on the owner and builder
to know what they must do to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations. The owner and builder must
ensure that the Building Control Surveyor is allowed to inspect all relevant work.
Without approved plans and details, situations may arise where works have to be amended or removed to
achieve compliance.
Regularisations Applications
The following is without prejudice to the enforcement powers of the authority under Section 36 of the Building
Act 1984.
Two copies of the application form should be completed and submitted together with the plans and
particulars that highlights the unauthorised work, and any additional work required to achieve compliance
with the Building Regulations. When the work comprises or includes one or more extensions, then the total
floor areas may be combined.
You may be required to expose the unauthorised work for inspection, carry out tests, take samples/provide
evidence as the Local Authority deem appropriate to ascertain what work, if any, is required to secure that
the relevant requirements are achieved.
The authority shall then notify you: (a) of the work which is required to comply with the relevant requirements,
or (b) that we cannot determine what work is required to comply with the relevant requirements, or (c) that no
work is required to secure compliance with the relevant requirements.
Where we are satisfied that the relevant requirements are met, an electronic regularisation certificate will be
issued. This can be used as evidence (but not conclusive evidence) that the relevant requirements specified
in the certificate have been complied with.
This does not relieve you of the need to obtain any other statutory consents (e.g. planning permission) that
may be required.
Building Control, St Aldates Chambers, 109-113 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DS
e. t. 01865 252807
Building Regulations Submission
The Building Act 1984
The Building Regulations 2010
Please read the guidance notes before completing the form.
1 Type of application
Full Plans Building Notice Regularisation
Intended date to commence
Date when work
was carried out:
2 Location of the building to which work relates
3 Description of proposed work
4 Applicants details Full name and address of person intending to have the work carried out
Tel no:
5 Agents details (if applicable) Full name and address
Tel no:
See Guidance Sheet on Charges for information
New Dwellings
(Sch 1)
New Buildings & Extensions
(Sch 2'RPHVWLF)
Structural & Other Alterations
(Sch 3)
Extension floor area
No of units
Garage/store floor area
m² Estimated Cost
Loft conversion floor area
Garage conversion floor area
7 Other information required
Are all notifiable electrical installations to be carried out by a registered competent
electrical installer (Part P)?
Yes / No
Are all replacement windows being installed by a registered competent window installer? Yes / No
Do you have any planning conditions relating to a disability access (Part M)? Yes / No
Please state:
Do you have any planning conditions relating to water consumption (Part G)? Yes / No
Please state:
8 Conditional approvals and extension of time (Full Plans only)
I agree to the plans being passed subject to conditions.
I agree to an extension of the prescribed period of time by which a decision should be issued from 5
weeks to a maximum of 2 months.
9 Statement
This notice is given in relation to the building work as described, is submitted in accordance with
Regulation 12(2A,2B) and is accompanied by the appropriate fee.
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