BCTC Syllabus Checklist (Syllabus Sample Template: https://goo.gl/1KUMnm)
Instructors are to complete and turn in to Area Coordinators one (1) checklist, per area, indicating ALL syllabi meet the guidelines.
pproved by ALT 10/31/2017
Instructor Name: Semester/Year:
Course List with Section Numbers:
All categories should be clearly labeled and in the same order on the syllabus. Items with ** may be in a different order.
Class-Section Information
[Multiple sections of same course may be indicated on a single syllabus]
Official Course Title
Peoplesoft Course ID
Prefix/Course Number/Section(s)
Instructor Information
If Online course
Office or Mailbox Location
Preferred method of communication
Office Hours
(5 in-office hours for FT faculty)
Division Information
(Name/Email/Phone/Office Location)
Assistant Dean (Name/Email/Phone/Office Location)
Official Course Information
Course Description
If Gen Ed Course: (Reference: https://goo.gl/J5f49B )
Prerequisites/Co-Requisites Information ** Gen Ed Competencies **
Course Competencies/Objectives ** Gen Ed Learning Outcomes **
** Outline/Schedule/Calendar with Topics** ** Instructional Objectives **
Course Materials
Required Technology
(computer requirements, internet access, access codes, publisher course fees, etc.)
Required Textbook/Supplies
Optional Textbook/Supplies
Class Policies
Attendance/Participation Policy
Accommodations Statement [Required on syllabus even if hyperlink used]
Class Requirements and/or Expectations
If Online Course:
Late and/or Make-up Work Policy
Proctored Exam Requirements
Grading Scale
Attendance verification or “No Show” policy
Withdrawal Policy
** College Policies and Resources ** [May use hyperlink: https://goo.gl/1zBfmk ]
BCTC Website and Phone Numbers
BCTC Tutoring Services & Library Services
BCTC Academic Calendar BCTC IT Services & Open Lab Information
Weather or Emergency Closing Information Financial Aid / SAP Statement
Student Code of Conduct BCTC Withdrawal Procedures
Title IX Information If Online Course: Testing Services
Categories Above are Labeled and in the Correct Order (
Items with ** may be included in a different order.)
Correct File Name Used
(ex. MAT150-19Z1Partin)
Instructor Signature:
Date Submitted:
Syllabi Approved as Submitted
Syllabi Approved with Minor Corrections
Syllabi Not Approved Require New Submission & Checklist
Reviewer Signature:
Date Reviewed:
Policy: https://goo.gl/62oEKK