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Additional Financial Resources
Use this form to report other financial aid resources which are not listed with the Student Financial Aid Office.
Students applying for federal student aid programs must report this information each year. It is important to
do so as early as possible in order to avoid or minimize federal or state aid over awards. Return completed
form to the BCTC Financial Aid Office.
Student Name: _________________________________________________________________
Last name First name middle initial
Student ID
(Also referred to as Empl ID)
: ______________________________________________________
List awards you are scheduled to receive from outside organizations or agencies. Outside aid resources are
awards from sources outside the college. There are a variety of clubs, agencies, employers, churches,
companies, and/or other organizations which sponsor scholarships or similar opportunities for students in
higher education. (Examples are Voc Rehab, Veteran Tuition Assistance, Employer Tuition Assistance, Tuition
Scholarship/ Waiver, etc.) Students are selected by and receive notice from the organization sponsoring the
scholarship/grant/ payment.
Reporting the information on this form does not guarantee payment. The agency or organization sponsoring
the aid resource is responsible for certifying your eligibility and relaying the information to our school.
Example: Boys & Girls Club Scholarship
By submitting this form, you are agreeing to notify our office of any changes in your enrollment status and
giving us permission to release enrollment information to any organization or agency indicated on this form.
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