Building Industry Association of Clark County
Scholarship Application Instructions
Application Instructions
• This application is a fillable pdf. To complete the application type your answers directly into each
field on the form. Once complete, you can print the application (if you plan to mail/deliver) or save it
to your computer (if you plan to email). Any alteration of the application itself will disqualify the
Applications shall include two letters of recommendation (e.g. professors, instructors, principals,
deans, employers, personal acquaintances, etc). It is highly recommended that letters of
recommendation originate from academic department members or school officials.
• Please attach copy of college/high school transcript or most recent grade report. Unofficial
transcripts issued by an educational institution are acceptable.
• Selection criteria for this scholarship are as follows:
• Financial need
Academic relationship to the building industry
• Community Service & Extracurricular Involvement
• Grade point average
• Quality of application
An original application must be submitted no later than March 15, 2015. All materials will
become the property of the BIA.
• Mail to: Building Industry Association of Clark County, Attn: PR Coordinator
103 E. 29th Street, Vancouver, WA 98663
• Deliver to: Building Industry Association of Clark County, Attn: PR Coordinator
103 E. 29th Street, Vancouver, WA 98663
• Email to:
• Scholarship awards will be sent directly to the college or university that the recipients will attend.
Verification of enrollment must be submitted in order to release scholarship funds.
Applications of scholarship recipients may be forwarded to the Building Industry Association of
Washington for additional award consideration.
Building Industry Association Scholarship Application
Section 1: General Information
Applicant Name:
Home Address:
Phone Number:
Are you currently an employee or an immediate family member of an employee or owner of a BIA
member company (this is for internal use and will not affect your standing for this scholarship)?
*If yes, please note the member company and describe your relationship:
Section 2: Academic Information
Current School/College: City, State
GPA Graduation Date
Student ID Number
College/University/Continuing Education planned for 2015/2016
List your academic major(s) or intended major(s)
Why did you choose this major, and how does it relate to the building industry?
Section 3: Community Service, Activities and Background
Please list any academic organization(s) you are/have been a member of and please the nature
of your involvement i.e. member, officer, etc.
Please list any community service and/or extracurricular activities you are actively involved in:
Please list any recognition (special awards or honors) you have received:
What career path do you intend to follow after college?
Section 4: Financial Information
Please describe why you are applying for/need scholarship assistance:
Please list all other scholarships or financial assistance you will receive this year, and their
I affirm that all information contained herein is original and true to the best of my knowledge.
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