Attach current class schedules for all students starting the CCOC. Each student must be enrolled in a
minimum of 5 service and activity fee paying credits (refer to the ASLCC Bylaws for more information
about service and activities fees) at Lower Columbia College to start a CCOC, hold an officer position, or
be a voting member. There must be a minimum of 5 service and activity fee paying students in a CCOC
at all times in order for it to remain an active club. Include a mission statement addressing the purpose
of your CCOC and how it will serve the student body as a whole.
CCOC Name ______________________________________________________________
Student Initiator’s Info
Name ______________________________________ 900#_____________________
Email address ________________________________ Phone ____________________
Signature ___________________________________ Date _____________________
Mission Statement (This can also be turned in on a separate page):
Organizations Only: If you are an Organization (i.e. PTK, Global Medical Brigades, etc.), please include
an additional document that answers the following questions:
1. What state-wide, national and/or international organization are you a part of?
2. Are you currently a member of that organization?
3. What are the annual membership dues, if any?
4. What are the requirements for you to remain a member of the organization?
5. What does the organization do?
6. What does it mean to be a part of this organization?
7. What do we need to know about this organization in the event that there is no advisor present?
8. Is there any log-in information for this organization, such as for a website? If so, please list the
log-in information.
Students Chartering the CCOC
Print Your Name Signature Class Schedule Attached
1. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
2. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
3. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
4. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
5. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
6. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
7. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
8. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
ASLCC Application for Chartering or Reauthorizing a
Student Co-Curricular, Organization or Club (CCOC)
Please read the directions carefully and fill in all blanks. An incomplete application
may stall the chartering process. Print or type clearly and legibly.
9. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
10. ____________________________ _________________________ Yes No
Requirements for Active Status
The following items are required for chartered co-curriculars, organizations and clubs (CCOC) at Lower
Columbia College. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in financial penalties, loss of
College privileges or revocation of chartered status by ASLCC.
1. Membership and participation within a CCOC must be free from discrimination based upon race,
color, religion, age, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation or veteran status, pursuant to
the College’s Policy on non-discrimination.
2. Each CCOC must have a full-time faculty or staff advisor actively involved with the group. All
Advisor Responsibilities must be followed.
3. All mandatory events and deadlines must be met.
4. All travel procedures, spending of service and activities funds, document processes and timelines
must be followed accordingly. Please refer to the Club Advisor Information
page for details
regarding room scheduling, booking speakers/entertainment, and travel procedures.
5. A minimum of 5 service and activity fee paying students must be members of the club at all
times. If the number drops below 5 during the quarter the CCOC has until the next quarter to
have 5 active service and activity fee paying members before it becomes inactive.
6. The CCOC must be active in at least one ASLCC Student Government sponsored event per
academic year (i.e. Red Devil Days and Harvest Fest).
Provisions for Inactive Status
Inactive Status means a CCOC is no longer a recognized chartered club. They lose all CCOC privileges
including room scheduling, supplies, event promotion, etc. The CCOC surrenders the balance of its funds
(if applicable) and cannot apply for funds for the rest of the academic year. If the CCOC has a current
budget the funds will be placed into the ASLCC Student Government Contingency. Any CCOC that has
become Inactive may appeal its status by reapplying and attending an ASLCC Executive Council Meeting
to present why they should be reinstated. A CCOC may be declared inactive by the Director of Student
Programs if any one of the following conditions exists:
1. Failure to comply with the above Requirements for Active Status.
2. Failure to comply with College policies including travel documentation, spending of state allocated
funds and compliance with the College’s nondiscrimination policy.
3. The CCOC advisor steps down from their duties and a replacement is not found within that
You must include a completed and signed Advisor Responsibilities document with this
application when you turn it in.
If approved, the ASLCC Club Chair will email approval of the chartered CCOC to the student
initiator’s email address as well as the advisor’s email address.
Questions? Contact Us
ASLCC Club Chair, 360-442-2450, LCC Student Center Student Government Offices (2
Assistant Director of Student Programs, 360-442-2443, Student Center 209C (2
Director of Student Programs, 360-442-2441, Student Center 209B (2