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Authorization Agreement for Pre-Authorized Payments
(Direct Debits for Collection of Payments)
I, (Authorized Representative Name “), of
(Borrower Entity Name “) hereby authorize
Dwight Capital LLC, hereinafter called “Servicer,” to initiate debit entries to the account
described below (the “Account”) on a monthly basis as billed by Servicer, in repayment of
Dwight loan number (Loan Number ”), hereinafter called
“Loan,” secured by a mortgage on the property located at (Property Name and Address
Financial Institution Account Holder Name
Address of Financial Institution (including City, State, Zip)
Routing Number Operating Account Number
****Please attach a copy of or a voided check****
***Please verify ACH Routing Number with your Bank****
s authority shall remain in effect until it is terminated by 60-day advance written notice to
Servicer or the Loan is repaid in full.
Authorized Signature
Authorized Signer’s Name/Title
Please return this completed form to servicing@dwightcap.com or mail to the address
below no later than August 30, 2021:
Dwight Capital LLC
Attn: Servicing Department
400 Carillon Parkway, Suite 125
Saint Petersburg, FL 33716
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