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Is proposed course intended to meet the breadth/discover requirement?
Special Topics Course Submission Form
Return completed, signed form to Johna Boatright
If yes, select the division the breadth/discover course should meet:
Humanities Dean’s approval
cience without a lab
Science with a lab
Social Science
heck each student learning outcome below that
1. I
s a learning goal for this course
2. For which you can provide student work that can be used to assess to what extent students are meeting this
Student will demonstrate an ability to arrange, define, and describe important ideas and/or experiences from various
cultures and/or the historical past.
tudents will demonstrate the ability to produce creative work and/or appraise and critique the creative process of
tudents will demonstrate the ability to analyze, test, and/or question humanistic interpretation, andto deploy those
skills effectively through written and/or oral communication.
Student will use observational or experimental data to evaluate a scientific claim or test a scientific hypothesis.
tudents will demonstrate an understanding of the interaction between science and culture.
tudents will demonstrate an understanding of the strengths and limitations of the scientific process.
Students will communicate scientific information and ideas effectively.
ocial Science
Student will identify and describe one or more methodological approaches used in the Social Sciences.
tudents will describe individual and/or group behaviors using disciplinary appropriate language.
tudents will explain how the cultural and institutional past informs society.
tudents will recognize ethical dilemmas that confront social scientists.
tudents will identify the causes and consequences of collective life.
s proposed course intended to meet the Foundation Writing (FW) or Advanced Writing (AW) requirement?
Yes No
*Is proposed course intended to meet the Quantitative Competency requirement?
Yes No
*Is the proposed course intended to meet the Global Diversity or Systems of Power, Privilege, and Inequality
Yes No Possibly some sections
*Note: For information only. Please refer to the approval form for this requirement located in the Forms Repository.
What are the implications for library and computer resources?
Academic Course Credit Declaration
How many units of academic credit will this course be offered? Provide the minimum and maximum and increments (if
multiple levels of increments available) if not offered as one full unit.
This course meets the requirements for one unit of academic credit (or the appropriate partial unit equivalency) in the
following manner (select one option):
Option 1: The course has four or more hours (or the appropriate partial unit equivalency) of instruction officially
scheduled each week of the semester.
Option 2: The course has a fourth (or more) hour (or appropriate partial unit equivalency) officially scheduled in a
required laboratory, film screening, or other activity each week of the semester. Students must register for this
component in addition to registering for the course.
Option 3: The course, although officially scheduled for less than four hours (or the appropriate partial unit
equivalency) each week, has additional academic activities that meet special criteria. Such activities must satisfy
each of the following:
be r
equired of all students and set forth clearly in the course syllabus.
be structured so as to serve the declared learning goals of the course and to result in a product that is to
be designed so that the total amount of academic work required for the course (including both classroom, or
direct faculty instruction, and out-of-class student work) is equivalent to 180 academic hours (150 clock hours).
* "
1 hour" = 50 minutes (an academic hour), per Federal Standards and the Carnegie semester hour definition. If
ption 3 was selected, check all of the activities that students may engage in to justify 180 hours.
Performance or presentation development
Attendance at events or participation in experiences that result in an assessed class product
Preparatory reading for class discussion and assessment
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