2019 JDInteractive Program Cost of Attendance
The College of Law provides an estimate of the costs that are reasonable for a student to attend Syracuse University College of Law and
pursue the J.D. degree program. Figures 1 and 2 (below) represent tuition and fees for a law student engaged in part-time study in the
JDInteractive program for the spring and summer 2019 terms.
Figures within the budget categories 3 through 8 (below) may vary from student to student. These variations are acceptable as long as they
do not exceed the estimated maximum of $51,200. For figures 3 through 8, please take into account all of your actual and expected
expenses for your first two semesters, which extend January 2019 – July 2019.
College of Law Estimated Expenses
Your Actual Expenses
$31,860 (18 credits)
Residency Fee
Books and Supplies
$9,500 (nine-month)
$3,600 (nine-month)
Personal Allowance
Average Federal Loan Origination Fees
Estimated Maximum
Total Cost Of Attendance
*Tuition for students enrolled in the JDInteractive program is charged on a per-credit-hour basis. The current program rate of tuition for the
2019 fiscal and academic year is $1,770 per credit.
Syracuse University College of Law does not charge students in the JDInteractive program fees typically associated with on-campus
programs (i.e. health and wellness fees and student activity fees). Residencies are a requirement of the JDInteractive program; the
residency fee covers course materials and supplies, costs associated with speakers, transportation to events planned during the residency,
catering and food charges, space rental, and other miscellaneous expenses.
Textbook, travel, and housing costs are each student's responsibility. Additional expenses must be approved by the College of Law Financial
Aid Office with proper documentation. Allowable types of expenses may include the one-time cost of purchasing a computer or childcare
Expenses NOT allowed in the educational budget include payment of consumer debt (such as credit card payments), the purchase or
upkeep of an automobile, costs associated with finding employment (interview expenses, clothing), and expenses incurred during periods
of non-enrollment (i.e. between terms/semesters).
If you have questions about calculating your budget, managing costs during enrollment at the College of Law, or other questions related to
financial aid, please contact our office via email at financialaid@law.syr.edu or call us at 315-443-1962.