DEADLINE: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 by 4:30 p.m.
A hard copy of this form must be delivered to the Department of Animal Bioscience
Graduate Program Assistant in ANNU, Room 144.
Read the information provided on this form carefully.
Use this application form to apply for Scholarships only. Do not use this to apply
for any needs based awards including bursaries and ACCESS awards with a
January deadline, or Travel Awards. This form is only for Scholarships that
explicitly request that you fill out an “Animal Biosciences Scholarship Form”.
You must complete one application form for each award you would like to apply
If the award description states that other factors, in addition to academic merit,
will be considered, please ensure you fill out section X of this form addressing
these elements. (For example: extracurricular activities, leadership qualities,
future career goals etc.)
Return a hard copy of this form and any supporting documentation required to
the Animal Biosciences Graduate Program Assistant in Room 144 of the Animal
Science and Nutrition building by Tuesday, August 15, 2017.
Only successful applicants will be notified. Recipients will be notified toward the
end of November.
Award descriptions are available on the Student Financial Services website at
Below is a list of scholarships that you can apply for using this form. You must
complete one application form for each award you are interested in applying to.
Listing of Available Graduate Scholarships
Frank Wallace Cockshutt Scholarship [I5015]
W.R. Graham Memorial Award [I5030]
Hamilton Milk Producer's Association Scholarship [I5034]
James Harris Scholarship [I5035]
John S. Martin Memorial Scholarship [I5057] (Complete section X)
James A. McGrath Memorial Scholarship [I5060] (Complete section X)
Egg Farmers of Ontario's Thomas R. Graham Scholarship [I5067]
Frank and Gertraude Hurnik Scholarship [I5853] (Complete section X)
Craig Hunter Poultry Science Graduate Scholarship [I5699] (Complete section X)
Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. Scholarship [E5945] (Complete section X)
Animal Biosciences Leadership Scholarship [I5659] (Complete section X)
The Animal Biosciences Academic Scholarship
Application Form
Scholarship Information (one per application)
Scholarship Name:
Scholarship ID number:
Have you received this scholarship before? (Please answer yes or no):
Personal Information
Last Name(s):
First Name(s):
Student ID Number:
Program of Study: (for example, M.Sc. by Thesis or Coursework, or Ph.D.)
Class Level: (this is available on your WebAdvisor under “Academic Profile”)
Expected Completion Date:
Please include your GPA as a Graduate Student:
Course Load (Full-time/Part-time):
Research Information
Research Species:
Thesis or Project Title:
In 400 words maximum, please provide a description or outline of your research project.
In 400 words maximum, please list your achievements thus far that demonstrate your
research and scholarly achievements. (This includes but is not limited to publications,
conference presentations, other awards or scholarships you have received etc).
Section X: Other Information
As indicated in number 4 of the instructions, if the award description states that other
factors, in addition to academic merit, will be considered, please fill out this section
(section X) addressing these factors. For example some scholarships ask that you
provide information about your involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership
qualities, and/or future career goals etc.)
In 600 words maximum, please provide any additional information that the scholarship
description requires.
Please save and print a copy of this form and deliver it to:
Animal Science and Nutrition Building - Room 144 (491 Gordon St.)
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