Application for Tree Removal or
Applicants Name: _____________________________________________________________
Postal Address: _____________________________________________________________
Phone (home): ______________________ Mobile: _____________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Details of location of tree(s) you wish to have removed or have maintenance carried out on:
Street verge Road side Greenway Park
Unformed Road Unmaintained reserve
Street Number: _______________________ Rapid Number: ______________________
Road / Street Name: _____________________________________________________________
Town: _____________________________________________________________
Tree species if known: ______________________________________________________________
Hazardous to public safety Limiting pedestrian or vehicle site lines
Dead Dying
Multiple plantings that require thinning Damaged
Causing damage to building, fences, kerb and channel, roads or other infrastructure
Undesirable tree (a replacement maybe required)
Is this a notable tree listed in Schedule 19.4 of the Central Otago District Plan
Photograph attached Reason for tree to be removed __________________________________
Note: Unless judged to be extreme, trees will not be removed for nuisance factors such as
blocking of view, leaf fall or shading. Council will work with the complaints to try to alleviate
the matter through selective pruning.
Any tree removal or maintenance will be carried out by Council approved contractors.
If a tree is approved for removal, it may take up to 12 months from the time of approval in order to
receive funding or to enable trees to be removed in batches for efficiency reasons.
CODC office use:
Date Received: ___________________ Officer Name: _______________Tree ID Number: _______
Action: ____________________________________________________________________
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